Do Dad's Get Postpartum Depression/ Anxiety?

The other day my husband and I were snuggled up on the couch and it occurred to me that maybe dads go through their own postpartum symptoms and maybe even get postpartum depression and anxiety.

To tell you the truth, it actually surprised me that that thought had never crossed my mind before… it seems like a pretty obvious one now that I’ve had it.

So I asked my husband what he thought. His answer was “Well, not like you do. My hormones don’t go through all of that (or maybe they do? Continue to read what I found…) and I didn’t give birth, but becoming a dad has a been a huge change for me, too.”

Food Sensitivity Testing - Is It For You?

Food sensitivity testing is getting better and better. And thankfully so!

Why am I sharing this with you (hint: I no longer have headaches!)

I recently did my first food sensitivity test through a simple at home bloodspot test kit and discovered that I am moderately sensitive to cashews, almonds and peanuts (thankfully I am not highly sensitive to anything).

Removing these 3 types of nuts from my diet has completely resolved my debilitating headaches that I started to get twice -sometimes three times!- per week and basically had me lying flat in a dark room... it was awful!

Being headache-free feels like a miracle and seriously like the biggest gift!!

What is Postpartum Thyroiditis (+ what to do if you think you have it)

Today I am going to tackle –or, begin to tackle– a BIG topic: Postpartum Thyroiditis.

Why am I writing about this?

Because so many moms (5-10% of U.S. women) suffer from it, but aren’t being diagnosed and therefore don’t receive proper treatment.

Hypothyroidism can be brought on by pregnancy (possibly connected to nutritional deficiencies from pregnancy and/or a change in your immune system) and so it’s really important that you know about and if you think you have it, take it serious and make sure that you get the medical attention and testing you need.

If you experience any symptoms (see below), please make sure you insist on getting proper testing done (see below) and not let your symptoms be chalked up to simply being a new mom. Unfortunately this happens all too often.

Should you just accept your body the way it is?

After pregnancy, all women's bodies have changed and most bodies also look at least a bit different.

Mine certainly does.

Even though my baby weight came off easily (thankfully I had all the right tools and preparations in place before, during and then after pregnancy), I have excess skin that is visible especially when I bend forward or when Hendrix sits on my hip and squishes my belly with his sweet chubby legs. 

A fun, sassy summer challenge that has nothing to do with food or thought :)

I shared about this challenge on instagram earlier, but I thought I'd post here too so nobody who is interested misses out.

Here's the gist: Want to do a fun summer challenge with me for the remainder of August that has nothing to do with eating healthier or overhauling your emotional world (you know, the things I usually like to chat about;))?

In essence, I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday afternoon and was like “why the heck do I look so bad?” And no, I wasn’t putting myself down per se, I was just truly questioning my outfit choice 🙈

What is postpartum anxiety (& what to do about it)?

What is postpartum anxiety (& what to do about it)?

Most people know about postpartum depression (PPD) and, thankfully, it is becoming a much more talked about topic, which means that there is less shame and more resources available for mothers and their families.

Studies show that PPD affects 1 in 7 new mothers, who can develop symptoms any time in the first year after they gave birth (it's commonly believed that PPD shows up immediately after birth, but this is false). (1) 

Feeling run down? My best health advice.

I shared on instagram the other day that we've been going through a bit of rough patch (mostly, because of our consistent questioning of where we should lay down roots and confusion around where we want to live, but also sleep deprivation). So, rest assured that nearly everyone goes through lows.

However, feeling totally run down is another thing. It feels like this:




Brain fog. 

Feeling weak.

Total exhaustion. 

For some moms, this feeling is constant. For others, it's more like a wave... it comes and goes. 

The Ava Bracelet: Is it right for you? {Fertility & Cycle Tracking}

Whenever I talk to a new client (or a random mom on the playground who asks me health related questions), we inevitably talk about her menstrual cycle. And I am ecstatic about it LOL. I love educating women on their periods, because, to me, knowing our cycles is super empowering and allows you to become a more intuitive, confident AND healthy woman. (And in today's day and age, what's better –or more needed– than that?!)

Our menstrual cycle is one of the best windows into our greater health.

How + what I feed my kids. My food philosophy in a nutshell.

How + what I feed my kids. My food philosophy in a nutshell.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from one of my old clients who I supported in her fertility journey and who now has a beautiful little son. In her email she said that she has been watching what I feed Felix and Hendrix via instagram and if I have any advice. 

Here is what I shared with her when it comes to not only WHAT I feed my boys, but HOW I feed them. 

How to negotiate an alternative work arrangement with your boss

I am really excited about today's blogpost because it is on a topic I personally don't have very much experience in. Yet I know how many of you working mamas will love and appreciate this advice. 

In today's expert interview I am talking with Krystal Lopilato, an employment lawyer from San Francisco, who is a graduate of my Well Mama program and an incredibly generous resource for those of you who feel that their pre-baby work schedule no longer fits their post-baby needs. 

Do you know what your mama weak moment is?

Do you know what your mama weak moment is?

I talk a lot to my clients about their mama superpowers, the things they love about motherhood, and the values they want to instill in their children. 

Personally, I love SO many aspects of motherhood. I love playing with my kids, cooking with them (despite the mess;)), talking and explaining the world, asking them questions and of course, snuggling with them. I even sometimes "like" the tantrums because I feel such reward when I handle the situation in a way that I feel taught us both something new. I love witnessing my kids' development. 

But, you know what my biggest mama weak moment is: Naptime and bedtime.

Integrating motherhood into your life: A personal story about the conflicting feelings mothers face

Integrating motherhood into your life: A personal story about the conflicting feelings mothers face

I remember sitting on the floor in our Brooklyn bedroom, tears streaming down my face. Six months into motherhood and I was so tired. Exhausted to my core, both from being needed 24/7 and from falling in love with my baby so hard that I never wanted to be away from him. I never understood how much mothers can love until I became a mom myself.  

Despite the insane amount of beautiful love I felt vibrating through my whole body and despite all the happiness I felt about having my perfect son, another part of me also felt like the entire life that I had worked so hard to create pre-baby, was slipping through my post-baby fingers. 

My professional self felt so far away.

3 mom secrets to create REGULAR self-care (even if you're super busy)

3 mom secrets to create REGULAR self-care (even if you're super busy)

Here are my 3 top secrets to create REGULAR self-care even if you are a super busy mama: 

1. Plan you self-care before noon. 

Our day typically doesn't get less busy as it goes on. I have never heard anyone tell me "And then by 3pm there was miraculously nothing else to take care of." Yeah, right... I wish!

Whatever it is that you're doing for YOU, plan it with priority and urgency. If it's the last thing that you're trying to cramp into your busy day, it's also the last thing on your priority list. For moms especially that just means that you won't ever get to it, because let's be honest, we are exhausted by 9pm (or, truthfully, 7pm;)).