As a mom myself, I know what you are going through. I am here to be your companion at whatever stage of pregnancy -before, during or after- you need me. 

Hi lovely-

I am so happy you are here. I know how overwhelming, confusing, and totally puzzling the world of fertility, pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and motherhood can be.

Trust me, I've encountered so many women who want to do all the right things in order to feel healthy, vibrant, fertile, on top of the world with their new bundles and yet, they feel completely overwhelmed and don't know where to start. 

Well, I am here to offer you professional, kind, real woman to real woman, real mama to real mama support and guidance on all things related to your health, happiness, and success in creating a thriving family.

Here are some of the things we may chat about (although nothing is off limits):

your hormones, fertility foods, periods, temperature tracking, cervical mucus, sex drive (or lack thereof), emotional rollercoasters, digestion, gut healing, detoxification, pregnancy aches and pains, fear of birth, healing from birth, making top notch breastmilk, getting your energy back, connecting with your baby, self-care, postpartum recovery, losing the baby weight without stressing, nutrient repletion, communicating with your support system, intimacy (or lack thereof) with your partner and getting your life back on track. 

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Let me help you prepare your body AND your life for a beautiful pregnancy and the healthiest, happiest baby possible


It is my intention to teach women everything I learned first hand when it comes to preparing your body AND your life for a beautiful and successful pregnancy.

This is about your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and vibrancy.

I believe, that this is what leads to you having the healthiest and happiest baby possible as well as a blissful start into the 1000s of lessons that motherhood has to teach you.  

Your child's health and happiness begins with your health and happiness.

Making sure that your body is ready, your micronutrients are optimal to nourish your baby in utero, your relationship with yourself and your partner is harmonious... these are only some of the basics that are included in a proper pregnancy preparation; irrelevant of whether or not your are faced with infertility struggles or hormone imbalances. 



Let's tune into your body and figure out exactly when you are fertile. Once you conceive, I am here to help you feel your best and navigate the next 9 months with grace and ease.

Knowing when you are fertile is key in being able to conceive (hint: not every woman ovulates on day 14). Learn how to tune into your body and give it what it needs to conceive successfully. This is key for a healthy, happy pregnancy, but also for a beautiful start into motherhood. In addition, pregnancy itself can be challenging physically and emotionally and I am here to help you navigate those challenges successfully so that once your little one arrives, you feel empowered and strong to take on this new chapter of your life.

Some women also feel that their relationship isn't where it should be. In this case, I can offer you intuitive, spot-on life coaching to improve communication between you are your partner, help you figure out what you really want and express it in a way that it is heard, and find new ways for your partner and you to become a strong team.

Pregnancy is also the time for you to prepare you nest and for you to calm down your nervous system and make space for your baby to arrive. Helping women develop a spiritual practice is one of my favorite things to do. 

Getting support along-side all these physical and emotional changes is crucial.




Let's get you back to feeling normal, strong and resilient in your body, in your mind, in your relationship, & in your life.

Pregnancy and birth are physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding times. Having the right recovery support is key for any mom, but especially for those who desire to have another baby in the future.

It's all about nutrient-repletion, body love, connective tissue healing, golden self-care, solid communication and gentle life-reorganization that allows you to thrive in your new role as a mother. 

For some (or maybe most?!) women, their birth experience wasn't what they wanted it to be. Sometimes this can be a difficult experience to digest and let go. I've worked with women who feel tremendous guilt or shame, while others simply feel overwhelmed by having been so out of their comfort and control zones. In this case, I am here to help you come to terms, accept, and feel pride over exactly how your baby entered this world. 

Many woman who choose to breastfeed are also surprised by how difficult and demanding breastfeeding can be (why does nobody tell us that?). I am here to teach you how to make top-notch, nutrient-rich breastmilk for your little one and how to get through those tough initial stages of your relationship with breastfeeding.






Since 2012, I've been vastly invested in the world of women's holistic health after going through my own hormonal imbalances after coming off the birth control pill. This was a very crucial, at first difficult and scary, time, but eventually the most empowering journey I have been on.

During that time, I also saw how many women around me suffered from hormonal imbalances ---think painful, irregular, or absent periods, skin problems, emotional rollercoasters, PMS, anxiety, depression, weight loss resistance, infertility, postpartum depression & anxiety, looooong healing periods post birth, lack of a sex drive... the list is so long.

I was SHOCKED to see how many of these women are left completely clueless as for

1. WHY all of these things are happening to them, and

2. WHAT they can do about it that doesn't include popping a pill. 

One thing we have to understand is that our emotional resilience, our mood, our energy levels, our periods -our hormones!- are really a picture into our greater health and ultimately, the basis that allows us to become pregnant, have healthy babies, and a pleasant postpartum experience.

Since becoming a mom myself, I can say with my full heart that having had the tools and the support to prepare my body and my life before I got pregnant and keeping up a specific protocol throughout and after my pregnancy created a smooth journey into pregnancy, an empowered birth, and an easy postpartum recovery. It's never too late for women to learn these tools. They are so easy to apply and set up your life -and your whole family's life- for a healthier, happier experience.



some things I help women with include: 

  • teaching you how to nourish your body with the right foods and physical movement so that your hormones are optimally supported for conception, while building a baby, and after giving birth.

  • helping you prepare yourself, your relationship and your life so that a baby (and the stressors that naturally come with it) will make it stronger and not break it apart.

  • showing you how to heal menstrual irregularities aka. establishing a healthy cycle ('healthy' meaning free from pain, irregularity, and side effects like acne, bloated bellies, and emotional rollercoasters; to name a few).

  • supporting you in coming off of hormonal birth control and returning to your own hormonal home as quickly as possible; naturally, mindfully and holistically.

  • giving you the nutritional and emotional support you need to thrive as a new mom.

  • working with you to create a relationship with yourself that is based on love, compassion, and resilience, because if I know one thing, motherhood holds tons of opportunities to feel insufficient, insecure, and guilty.  

  • guiding you through the intimate and sacred experience of creating the space for your baby to actually come to you -physically, spiritually and energetically. 

  • showing you how to make optimal breastmilk that nourishes you and your baby as best as possible. 

  • enhancing connective tissue healing post birth for quicker, smoother, more complete healing.

  • helping you get really clear on your family values so that you and your partner can parent from a place of purpose and intention.

  • offering you the space and support you need to overcome postpartum stress and anxiety by making a specific plan in which you can thrive.



Tools I use (Always natural & holistic): 

  • the power of food and nutrition (and sometimes supplements) to support healthy, balanced hormones
  • creating a strong, resilient, and positive mindset (releasing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs)
  • managing stress (think: boundaries and priorities)
  • learning the art of visualization and manifestation so that your focus and energy is clear and aligned and you can act with intention and purpose
  • adjusting your lifestyle to include play and pleasure so you can create the openness to receive (if you are trying for a baby) and the ability to let go and take care of yourself (if you are currently pregnant or a new mom)
  • accessing your personal body wisdom and creating a supportive mind-body connection


The truth is that both, your fertility journey and motherhood, aren't things you can force. Force creates pressure and pressure creates tightness -energetically, emotionally and yes, physically! This is the opposite of what you want in order to bring things into flow, conceive life, or feel like yourself again.

What you really need is a gentle, holistic, and supportive process of recreating harmony and balance in your life and within yourself first, so that your body and your emotions can mirror this! 

From there everything can begin to flourish.

And the best part is that you don't have to do this on your own.

You don't have to start completely from scratch or re-invent the wheel, you can get support and do this in a way that feels safe and deeply honoring of your own body and your own magnificence as a woman.



My ApproAch

My coaching approach is holistic, natural, and highly intuitive. 

I combine spot-on nutrition and food coaching with highly effective life coaching techniques. My goal is always to teach you the tools you need to become your own source of power and wisdom in this immediate journey ahead of you right now as well as all the other journeys you will embark on in your life. 

I also put a strong emphasis on building trust in our relationship, so that I can truly hear your needs and help you move into a direction that is right for you.



Some of the things we might talk about and bring into balance together aka. "my fertility drugs" include:

  • How food and nutrition impact your hormonal well-being
  • Your thoughts and limiting beliefs that may be creating massive stuckness in your journey
  • Your relationship with yourself and others and how this may be creating unconscious blocks
  • Rest, relaxation, and the art of rejuvenation. In a nutshell: self-care
  • The role of pleasure, joy, and connection in your life and how to make more space for it.
  • Body wisdom, movement, and intuition and their role towards greater wholeness, fertility, and motherhood.

In reality, each woman's journey looks very different and thus each woman requires a unique focus and angle. I am here to tune into you and support you where you most need it.



How to work with me:

I work with women in 2 different ways:

1. On-going monthly support over a period of time that we determine to be right for you. 

2. One VIP day, which means that we spend a full day together that is completely tailored to you.


If working together is something that interests you, please submit an application by clicking the button below. If I believe I can truly help you, I will contact you for a 20 min complimentary consultation so we can talk more and determine if we are a fit.


I work with women from all over the world. 

All coaching happens via phone and email or, if you are outside of the U.S., via skype or facetime.

*Note: As a mom myself, I only accept a select number of truly committed clients at a time. This will guarantee that if we do work together, you will get maximum attention and exactly the support you need. Please understand that if I don't think we are a fit, it does not mean you are a hopeless case, it just means that my expertise doesn't meet your specific needs and I don't want to waste your time or money.