Your Baby's health and happiness begins with your health and happiness -before, during & After pregnancy.

- Caroline Zwickson, M.A.


Pregnancy Preparation

Your child's health and happiness begins with your health and happiness. Making sure that your body is ready, your micronutrients are optimal to nourish your baby in utero, your relationship with yourself and your partner is harmonious... these are only some of the basics that are included in a proper pregnancy preparation irrelevant of whether or not your are faced with infertility struggles or hormone imbalances.

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Conception & Pregnancy

Knowing when you are fertile is key in being able to conceive (hint: not every woman ovulates on day 14). Learn how to tune into your body and give it what it needs to conceive successfully. This is key for a healthy, happy pregnancy, but also for a beautiful start into motherhood. In addition, pregnancy itself can be challenging physically and emotionally. Getting support along-side all these changes is crucial.

Postpartum Support

Pregnancy & birth are physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding times. Having the right recovery support is key for any mom, but especially for those who desire to have another baby in the future. It's all about nutrient-repletion, body love, self-care, solid communication and gentle life-reorganization that allows you to thrive in your new role as a mother. 


My manifesto:

The truth about fertility

There exists a deep confusion in our world about the true nature of fertility.

Women are held under the impression that their fertility is solely a medical cause; something that can be forced to respond and made to cooperate. As if our fertility is an entirely separate entity rather than intricately woven into our very individual existence.

Let’s face it: too many of us run around stressed, exhausted and leading a life that on many levels feels deeply unfulfilling, dry, and yes, infertile. We have in many ways lost trust in what our bodies naturally want to do; we have lost the ability to appreciate their complex beauty and we have forgotten how to truly celebrate their capacities to create life.

Discovering the power within you to create life is one of the most humbling, enlivening and beautiful journeys we can embark on. I want you to know that this power is real and it is available to you.

Read my full manifesto here.


I am honored to share my personal story as well as my professional background with you. Please, use my story to know that you are not alone, to get inspired, and to begin reframing your expectations for yourself. 

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