Hi Love, my name is Caroline!


I am a mom to my sweet sons Felix and Hendrix! I am wife to my incredible husband Rasmus, who I feel in love with at first sight in 2010 when I thought he was a “British band member” as he walked into the bar and we locked eyes… turns out, he isn’t in a band, but is an incredible Swedish designer.

I am a nature lover, foodie, avid home decorator and adventure seeker because those things make me feel alive and free.

I value my family, my friendships, and the deep connection I’ve been able to foster with myself and my body—nothing makes me feel more fulfilled, grounded and relaxed.

my mission IS to support women like you through the various stages, the ups & downs of life. 

My goal is to help you take charge of your body and your life in ways so that both you body and your mind can feel strong, healthy, aligned, and incredibly fulfilling to you. 

I am here to show you how to feel at home in your body and align your life with how you actually want it to be for you and your whole family.

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What makes me different as a coach is that I combine health AND life coaching and frequently draw on

  • my background in psychology and my deep understanding of family dynamics,

  • my study and knowledge of our unconscious self-image that often creates inner blockages preventing flow and ease in our lives

  • my training in transcendental meditation

  • and my extensive trainings with top women’s health experts who have taught me to take an integrative, holistic and functional approach to creating true well-being through food and nutrition.

Besides my official trainings, however, the thing that allows me to really understand you and what you are going through is my experience of my own journey through womanhood and motherhood. 

When I turned 29, every inch of me began feeling immense resistance towards putting hormones into my body. I dreaded taking that little pill that was supposed to "save me" from getting pregnant.

I am not sure where this resistance exactly came from but I followed my gut, and for the first time in 15 years I decided to see what my body would do on its own, when it was not under the influence of some sort of hormonal birth control. 

Well, it turned out that nothing happened... literally. My period was nowhere in sight. 

When I told my OBGYN, she suggested her solution: go back on birth control. I didn't believe my ears... was this supposed to be a solution? It sounded more like a bandaid to me. And, I sure as heck didn't want to put more drugs into my body.

This is when I began searching for natural and holistic ways to bring my body back into balance and support it in re-learning what the female body naturally wants to do and is designed to do: have a regular period, be fertile, and have hormones that work for you (not against you).


It took me two years of searching and trying out different things -including nutrition and lifestyle changes as well as learning how to chart my cycle- to get back into a somewhat regular menstrual rhythm (I am talking 40-50 day cycles). This is when got pregnant (intentionally!) just a few days after my wedding. I had an amazing pregnancy without nausea, headaches, or much fatigue. My beautiful son Felix was born 40 days and one day after my husband and I tied the knot.

Thanks for all the things I had learned about hormones, connective tissue healing and eating for emotional well-being, my recover was smooth and uneventful and I could really focus on bonding with my new baby.

Today, I know what a luxury it was to feel as great as I did during and after my pregnancy... I have met so many mamas who were't given access to the resources I had and THAT is what I want to change. 

even though there was a happy ending, here is what the years prior really looked like:

They were tough and painful. I had hundreds of moments of feeling utterly helpless after going through month after month without a sign of a period and no ovulation… again. I recall crying to my husband -then boyfriend- about not feeling like a full woman, about feeling broken and like I was malfunctioning. I was scared, confused and angry at my body.


When we got engaged, I secretly harbored fears about what would happen if I couldn't bear children… I knew how important being a dad was to the man I loved so deeply. I knew how much it meant to me

There were many times when I felt overwhelmed by the hormonal puzzle in front of me and how I would ever do all the right things to get back the very thing that most women (and society in general) chalk up as annoying, burdensome, and disgusting: women’s menstrual cycles.

Gosh- I would have welcomed menstrual cramps, headaches, and brain fog if it meant having my period again!

And so I researched, read, contacted holistic practitioners, listened to podcasts, changed the way I ate, implemented deeply reviving self-care practices, learned transcendental meditation, focused on setting better boundaries that gave me the space to re-construct my life in a way that included more pleasure, joy and ease, and eventually signed up for an apprenticeship to fix my period with women’s health & functional nutrition coach, Nicole Jardim.

You see, I devoured everything I could get my hands on and felt more inspired than ever by everything I learned.


I also began talking about what I was going through to other women and realized how many other women were struggling with their periods, their hormonal health, their fertility, and their postpartum experience - whether it was amenorrhea, painful cycles, emotional rollercoasters, PCOS, endometriosis or infertility, recurrent miscarriages, incredibly challenging pregnancies, or new moms who felt estranged from their bodies, felt lost in their new mom identity, or simply didn't understand why they felt so bad when they had just birthed a baby they loved so much.

I promised myself that if I figured out a way to heal my hormonal imbalances naturally, have a successful pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, I would teach these things to other women and mamas who were struggling to feel healthy, at home in their bodies and fulfilled in their lives.

And that is what I did: When I was pregnant with my first son, Felix, I signed up for an intensive and beyond incredible 1-year training program with Jessica Drummond at The Integrative Women’s Health Institute to become a women’s health coach. I did this training while continuing to run my life coaching business and I realized how many of my clients were experiencing anxiety, confidence issues, and other insecurities partially because of an imbalanced blood-sugar and/or a hormonal imbalance. 


Once again, I witnessed the incredibly important connection between the mind and the body. 

This only fueled my fire for what I was learning and I was able to pass on and teach my “new” knowledge right away, witnessing the benefits of taking a dual mind-body approach.

After Felix was born and I graduated from the IWHI, I began seeing women who had trouble conceiving and who wanted to go the natural route to bring their hormones back into balance. Soon after that, I got emails and phone calls from female acquaintances I knew through social media who had babies around the same time as I had Felix and wanted to know what I was doing that I felt so great.

They wrote to me about their struggles with their baby weight, their scar and tissue healing, their mood, their dramatic birth experiences, and their difficulties adjusting to their new mama life, including not being sure about who they were and what they wanted anymore as well as difficulties in their relationships and not feeling connected to their partner after becoming parents. Even though these women loved their babies and were great mothers, they felt like they were losing the woman -herself!- behind it all.  

I welcomed these women into my practice with open arms because I knew that there was so much healing I could support them in; both physically, emotionally and structurally in their greater life. I have loved working with these mamas.


When I got pregnant with my second son, I knew I wanted to shift gears a bit and make the information that I was delivering to women in private coaching, available to women more broadly and at a lower cost (as a mom myself, I knew how difficult it could feel to spend money on yourself when there are so many costs involved with having children). That is when I created Well Mama, my signature program for women who are currently pregnant and moms who want to get their bodies back and feel fulfilled in their lives again. 

Lastly, my second pregnancy also gave the opportunity to truly practice what I preach when it comes to healing scar tissue. When I was 34 weeks pregnant, I had to have an emergency appendectomy (yes, my appendix decided that it was no longer needed while I was pregnant… convenient timing, right?!). 

I had to have an open incision surgery and had 6 weeks to heal before I would go into labor assuming the little guy would stay put (you can read about this surgical experience and what was going on physically and emotionally for me here). The results from sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet, boost my body’s collagen production and taking really good care of myself have been astounding. I now know first hand how much these particular measures can help women heal from abdominal surgeries like a cesarean birth and regain the strength they need to step into motherhood feeling empowered and ready to take care of another life. It’s a big job and the greatest transition in a woman’s life after all.




While I have a lot of knowledge, information, and experience that I can offer you as guidance, my goal is to make YOU your own expert and your own most trusted source.  

My coaching is not about making you perfect or telling you how to lead your life. This is not about "fixing" your body or relating to yourself as the victim.

My coaching is about befriending your body through a loving approach and creating a health, happiness and fulfillment on all planes -physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually- so that your reproductive fertility and/or your postpartum self can flourish and feel easy and natural. 

Do you want to get started and experience some of the things I am talking, I recommend you get my free Happy Healthy Mama Guide:

  • Certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach. The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute. Holistic health, nutrition, preconception, fertility, and post-partum coaching.

  • Years of in-depth experience as a life coach to hundreds of women of all ages and origins. Focused on helping women to create balance and fulfillment in their careers, relationships, and body.

  • Apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, Women's Holistic Health Expert focusing on fertility and hormonal balance in women who suffer from troubles with their menstrual cycles (absent/ sporadic periods, painful periods, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis).

  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Areas of focus include: Depth Psychology, Dream Work, Imaginal Work, Shadow Work, Mind-Body Connection, Child Development, masculine (Animus) and feminine (Anima) aspects in both genders. Check out the video production of my M.A. thesis on Experiencing Emotion Somatically: Fostering the Mind-Body Connection on the Journey Toward Wholeness:


  • Postbaccalaureate Pre-medical Certificate from Columbia University

  • B.A. Boston College, double major in International Studies & German Studies, Minor in Health Sciences