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A transformative afternoon city retreat for mothers who want to feel refreshed, learn about how to take better care of their health and manifest greater connection with themselves in the journey of motherhood.

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Sunday, May 20th
A private home in SF's Noe Valley

This will be an intimate group gathering, so space is limited!


This retreat is designed for moms who: 

  • need to hit the refresh button.
  • take care of everyone else and are letting their own health slide by the wayside.
  • want to understand how to support their hormonal and gut health for greater mental clarity and more
  • miss themselves and want some tools to reconnect with their own growing identity. 
  • wish they had more energy. 
  • desire a fun afternoon with other incredible women.
  • need to laugh and chill out a little more.
  • want to get pampered with some delicious, healthy snacks, essential oils and skincare.
  • or simply need an excuse to get out of the house for an afternoon and be taken care of ;)

in A nutshell, here's what you can expect:

  • let yourself be taken care of while learning about some easy tools for how to support your hormones, your gut, your mood, and your energy. 
  • feel like YOU again by engaging in some simple, profound exercises that will bring you closer to the woman behind the mom. 
  • meet and connect with other fabulous, like-minded mothers in a beautiful, calm, nourishing setting.
  • get pampered with some delicious essential oils and clean, good-for-you skincare.
  • enjoy snacks and juices from Urban Remedy.


You are taking care of everyone else.
Let us take care of YOU for one afternoon.

Space is limited!


Meet your hosts

Caroline ZwicksoN

Phyllis Timoll

Caroline Zwickson, M.A. is a Certified Women’s Health & Life Coach and the creator of the Well Mama program.

She is a passionate mother who supports fellow moms in creating holistic and thriving health as they rediscover their identity as a woman and mother. Her focus is to help clients create optimal hormonal balance and discover true emotional well-being through functional nutrition, positive psychology, transformative life coaching tools, and lifestyle adjustments. With Caroline’s expertise and dedication, her clients discover what it truly means to flourish in motherhood and in life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Caroline earned her Master in Counseling Psychology and obtained her Health Coach Certification from The Integrative Women's Health Institute.

She also completed an apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, women's health and functional nutrition coach. Caroline currently lives with her husband and two sons in San Francisco. You can find out more about her at www.carolinezwickson.com and download her FREE guide "Reclaiming the woman behind the mother."



Phyllis Timoll is a Certified  Holistic Health Coach and loving mother to her daughter, Elise, Son GJ, and dog, Reed. After managing her own difficulties transitioning into motherhood, she decided to become a health counselor and fulfill her passion of working with women to redefine balance and re-prioritize themselves. Her mission is to uplevel the lives of mothers through simple dietary and lifestyle changes that improve their health, confidence, self-value, self-image, and overall ability to successfully manage motherhood, relationships, career, and personal time

Think life coach meets nutritionist and that equals Well Woman; a holistic approach to self-care for moms.  Accountability in a warm, loving, and fun way, she focuses on helping women face the growing pressure of “having it all” and demystifying the idea of “Supermom.”

Phyllis received her Health Coach training at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City in 2012 and her B.S. in Commerce from The McIntire School of Commerce from the University of Virginia. She has over 25 years of research in diet and nutrition, 10 years as a coach, and over 12 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.




Email Caroline at caroline@carolinezwickson.com and/or Phyllis at phyllis@wellwmn.com