Well Mama - Module 6



Step 1: Welcome to module 6

(Approximate length: 4 minutes)


Step 2: Accessing your intuition


What we will cover: 

  • What is intuition?

  • How can your intuition help you in your daily life as a mom, wife, woman, ambitious person, relaxed human?

  • How do you know if it's your intuition or just mind chatter?

  • 4 steps to deepening your intuition?

(Approximate audio length: 27 minutes)



Step 3: Deepening your spirituality


What we will cover: 

  • What does being spiritual mean?

  • Why is your spirituality essential in order to be a Well Mama?

  • The 5 simple, daily practices you cannot live without.

(Approximate audio length: 27 minutes)


Step 4: bonus interview with Bernadett Vajda on
Finding your personal Well Mama Fashion & Beauty Style


About Bernadett:

Model, political activist, motivational speaker and personal stylist. Bernadett Vajda is a woman with many guises, using her brains and brawn to inspire women of all ages, at all stages, to be the best version of themselves.

bernadett headshot.jpg

And while Bernadett can claim more strings to her bow than most, it has taken years of hard work and progress to be the best version of herself she is today. Since the age of ten, Bernadett dreamed of one day going into the Peace Corps, law school and then one day run for political office. Just as she’d planned, her adult career began in politics, working for a member of congress in Massachusetts. All that then suddenly changed when her father was tragically killed and her political ambitions were replaced with a desire to live life to the fullest with no regrets. Through rebuilding her life and learning how to take better physical care of herself, take greater spiritual steps on her own journey and ultimately rebuild her sense of self piece by piece, Bernadett is more qualified than most to guide fellow females through times good and bad.

Her new life took her to New York, where she was discovered as a model and started to work in the plus size industry. This has brought her much success on catwalks and in editorial. It has also seen her surrounded by some of the best in the industry - from fashion, to hair and makeup.

Combining her personal flare with fashion expertise and a strong emotional sensitivity and love for her clients, Bernadett works with women to discover their personal style and express themselves in fresh ways. Bernadett supports new starts, new phases of life or simply helps with a little wardrobe refresh. With one of the best ‘Black Books’ in the business, Bernadett will get you the look and will have a lot of fun in the process.

Instagram:    @BernWithStyle

Facebook:     Bernadett.Net

Contact:        Bernadett (2 T's no E) Vajda

 Email:           Connect@Bernadett.net


Congrats, mama! 

You did it.

Module 6 is now completed!


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