Well Mama - Module 1



Step 1: Why are you here? 

Watch this first video I made for you. It's meant to anchor YOU and connect you to your personal ambitions and hopes for this program. Plus, I also wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you in person:)

(Approximate Video length: 3.5 minutes)



Step 2: UNderstanding your hormones throughout the stages of pregnancy and postpartum


What we will cover: 

  • What exactly is happening to your hormones before, during and after pregnancy?

  • Why is blood-sugar balancing so important for healthy hormones?


(Approximate audio length: 30 minutes of foundational learning for you to listen to. Don't worry you don't have to "know" all of this information. The purpose of this lecture is to give you a sense for what's happening hormonally and why blood-sugar balancing is key in order to recover optimally and feel well.)



Hormones before pregnancy: a normal cycle

Hormones during pregnancy

Hormones during breastfeeding


Additional reading if you are interested: 

Motherhood: How Breastfeeding and Weaning Affect Your Emotions


Step 3: How to balance your Blood sugar


What we will cover:

  • 7 steps to begin balancing your blood-sugar successfully.

  • The most common habits that prevent a balanced blood-sugar aka, why so many diets and many “good for you” foods make you miserable, sluggish, and a hormonal disaster.

  • Why a balanced blood sugar is key to losing the baby weight in a healthy way and without making you hungry or cranky.

  • My personal story when I started to eat for my blood-sugar balance.


(Approximate audio length: 23 minutes of giving you the exact steps for how to balance your blood sugar with ease and busting through some common food myths.)





Step 4: All the yummy food :)


What we will cover:

  • Key foods to enjoy: a simple shopping list

  • Introduction to the Well Mama Cookbook -yay!


(Video length: 20 minutes during which I will briefly introduce you to the shopping list and the Well Mama Cookbook and say CONGRATULATIONS for completing Module 1- yay!)




1. Eat as much organic as possible. Check out the Environmental Working Group to learn about the clean 15 and the dirty dozen to know which are especially important to eat organic.



Congrats, mama! 

You did it.

Module 1 is now completed!


Do you have questions? Concerns? Struggles? Any successes or your first aha-moments you want to share? Hop on over to our facebook group and ask and share away.


SOURCES: the vast majority of the educational material I provide for you come from my Women's Health Coaching Certification training program with The Integrative Women's Health Institute as well as my Fix Your Period apprenticeship program with hormonal health expert Nicole Jardim as well as from my M.A. in Counseling Psychology and the years I spent developing exercises for my life coaching clients. If you are curious about exact sources and references, please let me know and I will be happy to provide the original sources and/or research papers for you.

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