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Well Mama is a one-of-a-kind, 8-week health & life coaching program for moms who want to take excellent care of their health & their hormones while reviving and re-connecting with the woman behind the mom.



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"I am SO impressed with the Well Mama program. It's so clear how much work and detail went into the creation of it--it's clearly Caroline's third baby :) I especially love the Well Mama Cookbook!"

- Amy, San Francisco, Well Mama Graduate

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Well Mama is not a textbook program telling you all the standard things you already know from the internet or preaching your ear off about how to be the "perfect" mother, wife and woman. The focus of this program is not on pretending that motherhood is easy if you just follow A, B, and C because that would be a lie and you know it.

Well Mama is a program that marries health and life coaching for REAL moms who are as passionate about loving their kids as they are about loving themselves and staying connected to their partner.


Well Mama acknowledges, sees and honors that motherhood is as challenging as it is wonderful. We know that there are no cookie-cutter solutions, but we also know that if you have the right tools, knowledge and guidance, mamahood can become a whole lot more joyful-for everyone. (Grumpy -or hungry- mamas are no fun.) 

Well Mama will help you create a solid foundation for how you can take better care of your body, nourish your emotional self so you can still feel like yourself, remain in harmony with your partner so you can parent strong together, and create a vibrantly fulfilling life for your whole family!

Well Mama is for you if you miss the woman behind the mom and want to reconnect, cherish and celebrate HER while raising a happy, healthy family.

Are you on board? Let's start filling your cup, mama.


"I REALLY enjoyed and benefitted from Well Mama! I joined the program to learn more from Caroline's expertise on motherhood, nutritional considerations for a healthier mind and body and recommendations on how to live a more mindful/balanced lifestyle as a parent. I also LOVED reading about what we can do to help strengthen our marriage and to be more open to practicing self care (as a way to not only benefit myself but also my family)."

-Renee, NYC

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Well Mama is for you if you: 

  • ARE A MOM WHO ADORES HER KIDS BUT MISSES HERSELF... you want to do and be everything for your kids but somewhere in between all of that you've forgotten how to take care and fuel yourself...
  • CRAVE MORE BALANCE AND HARMONY IN YOUR BODY AND IN YOUR LIFE... now you often feel like no matter how much you do, it's never enough...
  • DEEPLY DESIRE TO GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH YOURSELF... some days you feel like you don't even know who you are anymore...
  • NEVER THOUGHT THAT HAVING KIDS COULD MAKE YOU FEEL LESS CLOSE TO YOUR PARTNER and you wish you could revive the trust and intimacy in your relationship ...
  • MISS YOUR BODY AND WISH YOU HAD SOME SIMPLE WAYS TO FEEL GOOD IN YOUR BODY AGAIN NOW... you keep telling yourself that once you lost the baby weight or once you have more time to exercise again that will come, but you are tired of waiting...
  • WANT EXPERT GUIDANCE ON THINGS LIKE balancing your hormones, repleting key nutrients after pregnancy (did your doctor not mention that? It's key especially if you want more kids), healing your connective tissue (even if you didn't gain a lot of weight), what you should be eating to support a healthy mind and emotional strength... and so much more.
  • WISH YOU HAD MORE CONFIDENCE, LESS ANXIETY, AND OVERALL A MUCH CLEARER PLAN FOR THE LIFE YOU ARE CREATING... sometimes now it feels like you are just fumbling through the day without having a clear vision of what you are working towards.
  • YOU CATCH YOURSELF FEELING LONELY AND WANT A TRIBE OF OTHER REAL MOMS who are also tired to all the expectations and perfectionism that our society puts on us moms... Well Mama leaves the judgement, the comparison and the perfectionism at the door, because frankly it's all just BS anyway and serves nobody.

Motherhood was never meant to be a one-woman job.
Let's do this together!

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"Well Mama has eased so many of my worries because I learned that I could have such a large impact on my own healing process by following Caroline's tips on nutrition. I feel like I'm actively helping my body get stronger and healthier. I'm so grateful that after Caroline's Well Mama workshop I now understand exactly what my body needs and how simple it all can be." 

-  Yelena, San Francisco

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Enrollment is open from December 7 - 19

If you want to ask for Well Mama as a gift for the holiday, please go ahead and do so. Just be sure to add a note with your email and mailing address to your order.

Well Mama starts on January 21 2018

Together, we will reap the motivation that comes with the energy of a new year and use it to make the changes we've been longing to make.  

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Please choose a payment option that works best for you. 

2 payments of $179



One-time payment of $347


What the experts say

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Women's holistic hormonal health expert

"She is truly one of the most dedicated and professional coaches I know, and I am grateful to call her a close friend and colleague. Her genuine compassion and understanding for the struggles that many women and moms experience on their journey is unmatched."


     Jessica Drummond 

MPT, CCN, CHC, Founder and CEO, The Integrative Women’s Health Institute

"Beyond the letters after her name and her deep credentials in counseling and professional health coaching, Caroline really walks the talk.  Those who are the best healers and the best at empowering other women to heal and live fully are those who with bravery, kindness, curiosity, and vulnerability take on the journey for themselves."




Our curriculum is based on giving you the very best tools, topics, and teachings on how you can thrive as a mom in your body and in your mind, create a meaningful life and take excellent care of yourself and your growing family.

Over the course of 6 curriculum modules and 2 self-care weeks, we cover the must-haves to being a Well Mama (see below for a detailed outline of our topics).

Every week you will get access to a health coaching and a life coaching section of Well Mama (typically this includes an audio lecture and checklists, handouts and/ or exercises). All audio lectures are set up so you can listen to them anytime from your computer or smartphone. 


# 2 - The well mama COOKBOOK 

A favorite of all the Well Mama Graduates: You will get the Well Mama Cookbook that you can download as a PDF or open on a tab from your smartphone. Curated from a list of Caroline’s favorite personal recipes, her mentors in the health industry, her go-to chefs and recipe inventors, the Well Mama Cookbook contains tons of recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and beverages to give you easy tools and go-to ideas to make your kitchen healthy, easy AND yummy while making you feel GREAT. The best part? The recipes aren’t “diet recipes” (I don’t believe in diets) and I promise that your kids and husbands will LOVE them just as much as you do.


# 3 - Caroline's personal grocery store shopping list

One of Well Mama's core principles is to teach you how to keep your blood-sugar balanced because that is key for hormonal, physical and emotional well-being. It is also our goal to keep you meals delicious and your plates colorful and easy to prepare. That's why you will get Caroline's personal shopping list that you can download or print and keep on your fridge or easily take to the grocery store with you. 


# 4 - A Follow-through plan to make sure you succeed

The first thing you will be guided through in week 1 of Well Mama is a step-by-step system to create accountability and follow-through.

I know that one of the biggest hesitations women have when it comes to signing up for a program like this is their fear that they will buy something and then never look at it and/or feel guilty for not finishing it.

That's why I created a system for you complete with a motivational exercise, checklists and specific steps to prepare for the course. That way you can go into Well Mama with a specific plan for how to get the most out of this program. The master Well Mama Workbook (see #5) is another key component of this.


Well Mama Workbook Cover.png

# 5 - The Well Mama workbook

The Well Mama workbook contains weekly checklists and all the Well Mama exercises, handouts and info sheets collected in one place. Well Mama is designed with busy mamas in mind and so you never have to take notes; rather all the notes are taken for you and collected in this workbook as well as in each module respectively.
Many mamas feel hesitant to sign up for a course like this because they know that following-through will be tough. We provide you with the Well Mama workbook to help keep you organized and accountable while fueling your motivation and making it easy to go through the exercises.



This is where the magic happens and you can hash out what’s going on for you personally.

In week 4 and in week 8, we will get on the phone as a group and you have the opportunity to get laser coaching from Caroline on what you’re specifically struggling with. Women have had the most incredible breakthroughs on these calls both in getting personal support and in listening to the other women. If you for some reason cannot make the live calls, you can submit your questions before the call and I will answer them, so you can listen to them on the recording that we will send out afterwards.


# 7 - 24/7 support in our private online facebook group

Well Mama is designed to attract the most incredible, passionate and loving women from all over the world. Our intention is to foster deep connection and real friendships amongst mamas like you. A space where there is no judgement, lots of laughter, compassion and openness to wherever you are in your journey. 

We have a private facebook group set up for you to ask questions, connect with each other 24/7 and get regular support from each other as well as Caroline herself.
(*Note: it goes without saying that no judgement or negativity will be tolerated)



As moms we are so inclined to put ourselves last that we created two separate weeks during which you will be challenged to step up your self-care game.

During these weeks there will be no new material. Our challenge for you is to create the most fun, yummy, delicious self-care week you can imagine (if that makes you nervous, don't worry we'll help you along the way) and we promise it doesn't have to cost you a ton of money.

This is your time to put everything you’ve learned into practice and really make your new mama self an active part of your priority list. It’s time to experience ease and lightness in your role as a mother and perhaps meet up with some fellow-moms to celebrate yourselves (we believe that there can never be enough celebration in life;)).


My bonus gifts for those of you who are ready to commit

1. The first 10 women: Private Goddess Card Reading
(value $200)

The first 10 women who sign up will be gifted a private, sacred Goddess Card Reading session with Caroline. During this session you will bring one key struggle or challenge you are experiencing in your life and together with Caroline you will ask the Goddesses for support and wisdom in how you can solve this particular problem in the most graceful, positive and authentic-to-you way.  


2. Sign up by Tuesday, December 12: Receive a hardcopy of the Well Mama Cookbook in the mail ($50)

If you sign up by Tuesday, December 12th, you will receive a bound hardcopy of the Well Mama Cookbook in the mail. This will make it extra easy for you to access meals, prepare healthy food and have a beautiful reminder of staying a Well Mama for years to come. 

Please choose a payment option that best works for you:


2 payments of $179

1 payment of $347




Highlights from EACH MODULE

Each new module contains one health coaching and one life coaching section. A new module is released each week with the exception of week 4 and week 8 which are dedicated to self-care, implementation, and celebration of all that you've accomplished. 


  • How to succeed in this course: Setting a focused foundation. 
  • The basic principle behind eating for healthy hormones. Introduction to the Well Mama Cookbook and the Shopping List.
  • Key foods you should enjoy more of (and some you want to stay away from).
  • A personality test to help you understand your unique typology, including your natural strengths and weaknesses and how they interplay in your life as a parent, partner and independent person.


  • What exactly is happening to your hormones during and after pregnancy.
  • The link between your blood sugar and your hormones.
  • Why a balanced blood sugar is key to losing the baby weight, giving you a healthy cycle and creating emotional resilience.
  • My personal tricks to make blood-sugar balancing über easy.
  • The most common habits that prevent a balanced blood-sugar aka, why so many diets and many “good for you” foods make you miserable, sluggish, and a hormonal disaster.
  • Crafting a new mom identity so that you can thrive, flourish and feel amazing in your new role as a mama without losing the woman you are.
  • Getting to the root of what you desire in your life and making it happen.


  • 5 key steps to honoring your body that will completely change your life.
  • Bonus: How to make the highest quality breastmilk.
  • How to build a strong backbone for your family WITH your partner.
  • What "value based living" as a family mean and how can you succeed at it.
  • Intimacy beyond the bedroom.
  • Bonus: Expert Interview with Dana Myers on "Recovering your mommy mojo"


  • Key aspects of a successful recovery that nobody seems to teach new mamas when they leave the hospital.
  • Nutrient replenishment after pregnancy (this is key if you want more children especially)
  • Bonus: Is something off with your thyroid? What symptoms to look for and what tests to ask your doctor for.
  • Taking a look at your family dynamics and the patterns that have been installed in your unconscious mind and are affecting your life as a parent and as a partner more than you know.
  • Releasing these patterns and beliefs (trust me, we all have them!)
  • Bonus: Expert Interview with Bailey Frumen on "Owning your power as a mom"


  • Why and how to reduce inflammation in your body (even if you feel fine)
  • What are the red flags that prevent optimal healing.
  • Using food and some supplements to help your body, tendons, tissues, and skin heal after pregnancy and birth for years to come (whether you gave birth vaginally or via c-section)
  • Bonus: Expert Interview with Leah Keller on "Exercise after pregnancy and resolving diastasis recti"
  • Creating a vision of your life and aligning your reality with what you actually want to create for you and your family


  • Nutrition for mental resilience and emotional well-being.
  • Symptoms of PPD and postpartum anxiety.
  • 4 steps to accessing your intuition and using your feminine wisdom to navigate your life from a calm place of feeling more certain and confident in your decisions. 
  • Deepening your spirituality to create more groundedness and ease so you can embark on the life you want.




  • Knowing exactly what your mama needs are
  • My personal tricks and tips to support your hormones no matter how long it's been since you had your baby
  • The confidence to whip up a delicious, hormone healthy meal in 30 minutes or less
  • What you can do naturally to balance your mood and become more resilient in your emotions
  • A basic understanding of breastmilk and how you can make sure that you produce top-notch quality for your little one
  • Freedom from comparing yourself to other mamas and really the freedom to create the life you want independent on what others think you should do
  • Getting to the root of the life you want to live and taking the steps to creating it with confidence
  • Feeling empowered to create a family according to YOUR values (which I will help you formulate)
  • Nourishing the fun, romance, and connection in your relationship & feeling closer to your partner than ever
  • Freedom from your own family patterns and possible hangups that are negatively impacting you as a mom, partner or woman
  • Trusting your own intuition and making confident decisions that just feel good
  • Being in charge of your own life and asking for what you need with clarity

And some unexpected results…

  • Catching your reflection as you’re pushing your stroller and think to yourself… Wow, I’m a hot mama :)
  • An incredible community of other women and mamas to rely and lean on
  • A totally new outlook on life and what’s possible for you (& therefore for your family)
  • Less stress, overwhelm and sadness. More calm, trust, and faith.
  • Feeling empowered, feminine and present in your journey now.


Over and over, have I been blown away by the incredible capacity of women to create, transform, and step up to a completely new level in their life.

I witnesses moms who felt completely overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and physically struggling and I knew that nothing would change for them unless they began to recover and take care of themselves -the woman behind the mom. 

So many moms have told me that they feel like they are running on empty, like they don't even know who they are anymore, that they have trouble in their marriage and that they feel like their life has been turned upside down since having kids. They tell me this with guilt in their eyes because they know that in exchange for these feelings, they were given the biggest gift in their lives: their babies. They feel like they shouldn't complain.

IMG_1894edit2 small.jpg

I am here to tell you that while this journey of motherhood isn't easy and I know that your struggles are real, I also want you to know that there are things you can do to get back in contact with the woman you are.... because, love, I know you miss her. I've been there myself. As a mom of two, I get your struggle. 

As women, we thrive in companionship, in environments that are rich with compassion, connection and empathy. When we have access to top notch information and become curious about how we can commit to ourselves, our process, our journey, a whole new world opens up.

This is what Well Mama is all about.

It would be an honor to have you join us. I promise, I will not let you down.


Are you coming, Mama? 

Please choose the payment option that best works for you:


2 payments of $179

1 payment of $347



I feel so confident in this program and I'm so invested in your success that I want to give you a chance to try Well Mama Risk Free for 30 days. If you fully participate in all of the audios, complete all of your homework and you don’t feel a dramatic shift in your life, then I will happily give you a full refund within 30 days of enrollment. All you have to do is email in your completed Course Work. That’s how dedicated I am to your transformation.

You deserve this, mama!