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Well Mama is a one-of-a-kind, 8-week health & life coaching program for moms who want to take excellent care of their health & their hormones while reviving and re-connecting with the woman behind the mom.



"I am so impressed with the Well Mama program. It's so clear how much work and detail went into the creation of it--it's clearly Caroline's third baby :) I especially love the Well Mama Cookbook!"

- Amy, San Francisco, Well Mama Graduate

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What is Well Mama?


Well Mama is not a textbook program telling you all the standard things you already know from the internet or preaching your ear off about how to be the "perfect" mother, wife and woman. The focus of this program is not on pretending that motherhood is easy if you just follow A, B, and C because that would be a lie and you know it.

Well Mama is a program that marries health and life coaching for REAL moms who are as passionate about loving their kids as they are about loving themselves and staying connected to their partner.

Well Mama acknowledges, sees and honors that motherhood is as challenging as it is wonderful. We also know that motherhood and what moms struggle with is unique to each mama. That is why Well Mama if here to support you through the process of creating a very basic and straight-forward plan for how to nourish yourself -body and soul- with your hormones in mind while also taking a deep look at the WOMAN you want to be. Well Mama will help you create a solid foundation for how you can take better care of your body, nourish your soul, remain in harmony with your partner so you can parent strong together, and how to create a vibrantly fulfilling life for your whole family!

Are you on board?

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 With my first son Felix when he was 6 months

With my first son Felix when he was 6 months

My goal is for you to feel amazing from the inside out because I will teach you how to balance your hormones naturally, radiate with positive energy and walk through your life with lightness and ease because you have a deep understanding for who you are and what you desire -as a mom, as a wife (or girlfriend or single mama - no judgement!), and as a woman!

Let’s face it: the first couple of months (or years) of motherhood throw many women through a big loop. Not only did your body just go through pregnancy and birth and perhaps now breastfeeding (which each comes with its separate hormonal transitions), but your whole life just changed at the blink of an eye: your relationship to your partner is no longer just about the two of you, your relationships with your (childless) friends exists on a totally different level, and, most importantly your relationship with yourself now includes the identity of a mother.

That’s a lot of change to integrate at once. Most of us just don’t have the right kind of support and guidance to walk through this huge (or dare I say, the BIGGEST) transition in our lives with enough clarity, guidance and actionable information to come out on the other end healthy, happy and still feeling like ourselves.


Well Mama is a 8-week mind-body program that combines all my knowledge and wisdom from my M.A. in Counseling Psychology, my top-notch health coach certification from the Integrative Women's Health Institute and an apprenticeship with the best mentor the women's holistic hormonal health industry has to offer, Nicole Jardim.

In addition, all my programs are influenced by my own experience as a working mom who wants to love her life, thrive in her marriage, and be a fun and lighthearted mama and friend. I've been where you are and my mission as a women's health & life coach is to support women like you. 


  • You are either expecting a baby or you had a baby in the last year.
  • You want easy to follow guidance on how to help your postpartum body get back to feeling strong and resilient.
    This includes your weight, your hormones, your connective tissue and your nutrient resources that are commonly depleted after pregnancy (& impacts the quality of any following pregnancies if not repleted).
  • You would love to get top-notch guidance from a fellow mama who has not only been there and knows what you are going through, but who is also educated and professionally trained in how to recover optimally after birth (even if it's been a few months or even a year and you feel pretty good already).
  • You want delicious, quick recipes for yourself and your family that help your hormones to regulate, your body to shed the extra weight (without being hu(a)ngry), and your mind to be in happy-gear.
  • You would love to get simple action steps for making the best breastmilk possible for your little munchkin. 
  • You want to set yourself and your little one up for a long term rocking immune system (think: less allergies and skin problems, more energy and resilience)
  • You just wish you could approach this whole motherhood thing with a bit more ease, lightheartedness and confidence.
  • You’ve been feeling like your relationship with your partner just isn’t the same. You feel distant and while you want more closeness with him/her, you also kinda feel like you don’t want to be touched after the baby is down. You feel guilt and frustration at the same time when all you want is harmony at home.
  • You sometimes think to yourself “I don’t even know who I am or what I want anymore.”
  • You want to create a strong foundation for your family and raise your kids in an environment that is value-based.
  • You wish you’d be better at asking for the support you need and build boundaries for energy-sucking responsibilities and people.
  • You want a community of mamas who get you and who you can chat things out with, vent to, and ask for advice and support.


This program is for you, love! 

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I know what’s going on in your life, because I have been there and because I have worked with so many beautiful, new mamas like you

Walking the confusing and overwhelming path of new motherhood alone can be super isolating and difficult to navigate. Plus, it's just not normal... traditionally, children were raised by the whole tribe or at least the whole family.

Motherhood was never meant to be a one-woman job.

You don’t deserve to feel lonely or like you are scrambling for sound information on random internet websites; nor does your baby deserve to have a mama who feels more stressed and depleted than she has to be.

I’m offering you a way out of mama confusion and isolation and into mama confidence, health, and happiness.


Full disclosure: My mind-body approach is a bit unconventional and requires an open mind, but if you’re still reading, I think this is just the thing you need;)




Please choose a payment option that works best for you. 

2 payments of $179



One-time payment of $347




What the experts say

Nicole Jardim_1 headshot.jpeg


Women's holistic hormonal health expert

"She is truly one of the most dedicated and professional coaches I know, and I am grateful to call her a close friend and colleague. Her genuine compassion and understanding for the struggles that many women and moms experience on their journey is unmatched."


     Jessica Drummond 

MPT, CCN, CHC, Founder and CEO, The Integrative Women’s Health Institute

"Beyond the letters after her name and her deep credentials in counseling and professional health coaching, Caroline really walks the talk.  Those who are the best healers and the best at empowering other women to heal and live fully are those who with bravery, kindness, curiosity, and vulnerability take on the journey for themselves."






Well Mama is designed not only to give you the best direction and tools but to inspire and support you along your personal journey into motherhood. Our curriculum is based on giving you the very best tools, topics, and teachings on how you can thrive as a mom in your body and in your mind, create a meaningful life and take excellent care of yourself and your growing family.

Over the course of 6 modules, we cover the must-haves to being a Well Mama including Food and Nourishment for optimal recovery, hormonal harmony, and psychological strength, Fun and Community for emotional resilience and a joyful life, and your Relationship to your Partner and to Yourself for teaching you the key elements needed to build a strong family backbone with a happy mama atop.

Every week you will get an audio lecture that is set up so you can listen to them anytime from your computer or smartphone. You can stream them from the internet or download them to your phone. Easy peasy.


NO. 2 -  COMPLETE SUPPORT & encouragement

When you enroll in the Well Mama course, you get 8 weeks of support through weekly emails, new modules, videos and audios that you can download and lots of handouts so you don't have to take notes but have everything you need to follow along successfully right at your finger tips. You will also get two group coaching calls and 24/7 facilitated support in our private online facebook group. Plus, you can always schedule a private call with Caroline in addition to the course if you need it.

Here’s more information on each of those pieces…



This is where the magic happens and you can hash out what’s going on for you personally. In week 4 and in week 8, we will get on the phone as a group and you have the opportunity to get laser coaching from Caroline on what you’re specifically struggling with. Women have had the most incredible breakthroughs on these calls both in getting personal support and in listening to the other women. If you for some reason cannot make the live calls, you can submit your questions before the call and I will answer them, so you can listen to them on the recording that we will send out afterwards.


NO. 4 - Our wellmama COOKBOOK

You will get the Well Mama Cookbook that you can download as a PDF or open on a tab from your smartphone. Curated from a list of Caroline’s favorite personal recipes, her mentors in the health industry, her go-to chefs and recipe inventors, the Well Mama Cookbook has tons of recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts to give you easy tools and go-to ideas to make your kitchen healthy, easy AND yummy while making you feel GREAT. The best part? The recipes aren’t “diet recipes” (I don’t believe in diets) and I promise that your kids and husbands will LOVE them just as much as you do.





No. 5 - Caroline's personal grocery store shopping list

One of Well Mama's core principles is to teach you how to keep your blood-sugar balanced because that is key for hormonal, physical and emotional well-being. It is also our goal to keep you meals delicious and your plates colorful and easy to prepare. That's why you will get Caroline's personal shopping list that you can download or print and keep on your fridge or easily take to the grocery store with you. 


N0. 6 - Two guided Visualizations

We cannot make long-term, positive changes in our lives if our mind isn't on board or is in constant overdrive. If you've got a spiritual practice set up that works for you and that you can keep up with, amazing - I admire you tremendously and want to know all your tricks! But if you know you need a little bit more quite time and space to connect with yourself and actually FEEL and HEAR yourself, we're so happy to get you started with two guided meditations that you will get during the two scheduled self-care weeks (week 4 and week 8). We promise you will LOVE them!



Well Mama is designed to attract the most incredible, passionate and loving women from all over the world. Our intention is to foster deep connection and real friendships amongst mamas like you. A space where there is no judgement, lots of laughter, compassion and openness to wherever you are in your journey. 

We have a private facebook group set up for you to ask questions, connect with each other 24/7 and get regular support from each other as well as Caroline herself.



As moms we are so inclined to put ourselves last that we created two separate weeks during which you will be challenged to step up your self-care game.

During these weeks there will be no new material. Our challenge for you is to create the most fun, yummy, delicious self-care week you can imagine (if that makes you nervous, don't worry we'll help you along the way) and we promise it doesn't have to cost you a ton of money.

This is your time to put everything you’ve learned into practice and really make your new mama self an active part of your priority list. It’s time to experience ease and lightness in your role as a mother and perhaps meet up with some fellow-moms to celebrate yourselves (we believe that there can never be enough celebration in life;)).


a sweet little bonus gift from Caroline



Take better baby pictures! Join the Well Mama program and as a special thank you, you will get a note from Caroline in the mail along with your very own SmileSnappers to help your baby smile directly into the camera. They're super cute and you and your baby will love them. Learn more about what they are here.


Please choose a payment option that best works for you:


2 payments of $179

1 payment of $347




A new module is released each week with the exception of week 4 and week 8 which are dedicated to self-care, implementation, and celebration of all that you've done already. 


MODULE 1 - Building a foundation for balanced hormones and a calm mind 

  • What exactly is happening to your hormones after pregnancy & why is blood-sugar balancing so important for healthy hormones
  • The most common habits that prevent a balanced blood-sugar aka, why so many diets and many “good for you” foods make you miserable, sluggish, and a hormonal disaster.
  • Why a balanced blood sugar is key to losing the baby weight in a healthy way and without making you hungry.

  • My personal tricks to make blood-sugar balancing über easy

  • Key foods you should enjoy more of (and some you want to stay away from)

  • Introduction to the Well Mama Cookbook -yum!


MODULE 2 - keys to physical recovery, nutrient optimization after pregnancy and connective tissue healing for mama + making the most nourishing breastmilk for your baby

  • Key aspects of a successful recovery that nobody seems to teach new mamas when they leave the hospital

  • Using food and some supplements to help your body, tendons, tissues, and skin heal after pregnancy and birth for years to come (whether you gave birth vaginally or via c-section)

  • What are the red flags that prevent optimal healing

breastfeeding mom.jpg
  • The secrets behind making enough of the best possible breastmilk for your little one. Don’t they deserve only the best?

  • What about movement and exercise? What’s right for you and when?

MODULE 3 - nutrition for PPD and anxiety + Honoring your mama body in a completely new way 

  • Nutrition for mental health and emotional well-being. What could be behind your depressed mood and your anxiety?

  • Postpartum detox - is this for you?

  • What does "feeling comfortable in your body" really mean?

  • 5 key principle in honoring your body and appreciating it for the rest of your life.

  • The comparison trap most mamas face & how to let it go.

Supreme self-care week 1

During this week there will be no new modules, teachings or action steps. This week is all about celebrating you. Plus, you will get a short guided meditation to listen to and use to help you feel grounded, centered and calm.




  • A quick guide on how to master life transitions 

  • What are the 6 human needs and why you need to make space for them

  • Why strict discipline, pressure and perfectionism lead to much misery and what to focus your energy on instead

  • Crafting your own vision for your ideal life and clarifying your desires

  • A personality test that will reconnect you with your own truth and purpose

  • BONUS INTERVIEW: Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW and the author of Own Your Power: Your Guide to Feeling Powerful, Fearless + Free and  I will chat about "Owning your power and mastering your mindset as a mom."


MODULE 5 - Building a strong backbone for your growing family with your partner

  • What does "value based living" as a family mean?

  • Dissecting your own family and releasing any baggage you’re holding on to that negatively impacts you and your relationship now.

  • The three-step process to creating a healthy relationship?

  • Learning how to speak each other’s love language.

  • How much sex is normal after having a baby?

  • Intimacy beyond the bedroom.


MODULE 6 - Your spirituality, webbing a net of support, and creating a vision of your most ideal life

  • My secret way of connecting with your intuition and how it empowers you to make better decisions.

  • The 3 most important rituals any woman & especially any mama needs to know about.

  • Who you really need in your web of support.

  • The power of manifestation.

  • Vision writing and vision boarding (whichever creative outlet you prefer) to manifest your ideal life.



During this week there will be no new modules, teachings or action steps. This week is all about celebrating YOU, love. Plus, you will get another short guided meditation to help you celebrate yourself and feel gratitude and love for the woman, mama, and wife that you are.



And don't forget: 

You have life-time access to all the materials, videos, and handouts so you can go at your own pace, revisit modules whenever you want, and benefit from Well Mama for years to come!


About Caroline

Since 2007, I have been on a personal journey to understand women's bodies and minds deeply and soulfully. I was studying at a postbacc premed at Columbia University, when I began experiencing severe back pain and my life came to an abrupt stop in 2009.

My whole life and what I always thought I wanted changed in a few short months.

I hit rock bottom at 26, because I couldn't follow my usual life physically, I was forced to turn inward and in that journey I met the woman I actually am (not the woman I always thought I should be). I withdrew my med school applications and instead went and got my MA in Counseling Psychology where I began to unravel family patterns and dynamics from my past that were keeping me stuck and small. While this wasn't always comfortable, I knew I had to do that work in order to step into my full light. As a result, I embarked on a completely different and unconventional career as an entrepreneur and life coach. I also met my amazing husband and, for the first time, actually allowed a man I loved to love and treat me the way I've always wanted.

My second turning point came, once again, in the form of health hurdle when I came off of the birth control pill and discovered that I had multiple hormonal imbalances that were preventing a healthy cycle and therefore impacting my fertility.

So I picked up my books again and became professionally trained as a women's health coach focusing on hormones, pelvic health, fertility and postpartum recovery. It blew my mind to say the least. By debunking all the myths I believed were healthy and, instead actually beginning to nourish myself with my hormones in mind, I healed my imbalances naturally, gave birth to a beautiful son, and am currently expecting my second. As a result of all of this work, I felt great during and after my first pregnancy, recovered quickly and am having an easy time with my second pregnancy as well.

I believe that this is possible because not only do I know exactly what to do nutritionally but I also have learned how to create a life for myself that I love living and is keeping my emotions balanced. I no longer wait for <blank> to happen so that I can do what I love, but I find ways to be in the driver seat of my life while also acknowledging when I need a break without being hard on myself.

Once you get clear on the life you actually want to create and gather the tools that are not about forcefully fixing you, but gently and naturally healing you, everything changes. You suddenly become your own informed advocate and best friend. You transform into a confident, loving mama who probably still sometimes feels stressed (let’s stay real, we are all human;)), but you know how to navigate your way back into a place that feels balanced, calm, and simply happy.


Besides having a MA in Counseling Psychology, years of experience as a life coach to women, a certification in women’s health coaching from The Integrative Women’s Health Institute, and a completion of Nicole Jardim’s Fix Your Period Apprenticeship Program, I also have years of experience studying myself and the human complexity in depth. I understand how our families of origin impact us, including the mamas we become. I understand how our desires as women are often suppressed and that by setting ourselves free and living according to our true values, we change everything. AND, I also understand how women’s hormones work, how they can be supported naturally, and what we can do to honor our bodies and minds physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I love meeting women, mamas and their babies and I want to share the wisdom I have learned with you so that you can become the healthiest, happiest mama possible and raise the healthiest, happiest kiddos on the planet. That’s my mission in life.





  • Knowing exactly what your post pregnancy body needs nutritionally to heal properly and feel like YOURS again for the rest of your life
  • My personal tricks and tips to support your hormones when they are in this crucial phase of re-regulating after birth (for a year+ postpartum)
  • The confidence to whip up a delicious, hormone healthy meal in 30 minutes or less
  • What nutrients you need to focus on repleting after your pregnancy (especially if you want to have more kids in the future)
  • What you can do naturally to balance your mood and become more resilient in your emotions
  • A basic understanding of breastmilk and how you can make sure that you produce top-notch quality for your little one
  • Simple steps to boosting your own immune system so that you stay as healthy as possible (lots of playground germs for your baby and you coming up;))
  • Freedom from comparing yourself to other mamas + freedom from so many of the typical new mom stressors
  • Getting to the root of the life you want to life and taking steps to creating it
  • Feeling in touch with your values and being empowered to create a family according to those values
  • Nourishing the fun, romance, and connection in your relationship & feeling closer to your partner than ever
  • Freedom from your own family patterns and possible hangups that are negatively impacting you as a mom and as a woman
  • Trusting your own intuition and making confident decisions that just feel good
  • Being in charge of your own life and asking for what you need

And some unexpected results…

  • Catching your reflection as you’re pushing your stroller and think to yourself… Wow, I’m a hot mama :)
  • An incredible community of other women and mamas to rely and lean on
  • A totally new outlook on life and what’s possible for you (& therefore for your husband and baby)
  • Less stress, overwhelm and sadness. More calm, trust, and faith
  • Feeling empowered, feminine and present in your journey now



Are you coming, Mama? 

Please choose the payment option that best works for you:


2 payments of $179

1 payment of $347



I feel so confident in this program and I'm so invested in your success that I want to give you a chance to try Well Mama Risk Free for 30 days. If you fully participate in all of the audios, complete all of your homework and you don’t feel a dramatic shift in your life, then I will happily give you a full refund within 30 days of enrollment. All you have to do is email in your completed Course Work. That’s how dedicated I am to your transformation.



Over and over, have I been blown away by the incredible capacity of women to create, transform, and step up to a completely new level in their life.

Over and over have I witnesses moms who felt completely overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and physically struggling who, given some simple key to step into their true power and wisdom, took charge of their own lives and thus, took charge of their family’s life as well.

IMG_1894edit2 small.jpg

We women thrive in companionship, in environments that are rich with compassion, connection and empathy. When we have access to top notch information and become curious about how we can commit to ourselves, our process, our journey, a whole new world opens up.

This is what Well Mama is all about.

It would be an honor to have you join us. I promise, I will not let you down.



You deserve this, mama!