What others have to say about Caroline

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Praise from my teachers and mentors:

Caroline was one of the star apprentices in my 2014 apprenticeship program. She is truly one of the most dedicated and professional coaches I know.

I am grateful to call her a close friend and colleague. Her genuine compassion and understanding for the struggles that many women experience on their fertility journey is unmatched.

I highly recommend working with Caroline because she is completely committed to empowering women to reclaim their hormonal health and fertility.

- Nicole Jardim, Women's Holistic Health Expert

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Caroline is one of the top students in The Integrative Women’s Health Institute’s Women’s Health Coach Professional Training Program.  

Beyond the letters after her name and her deep credentials in counseling and professional health coaching, Caroline really walks the talk.  Those who are the best healers and the best at empowering other women to heal and live fully are those who with bravery, kindness, curiosity, and vulnerability take on the journey for themselves.  Caroline is one of the rare healers who is willing to do the work in her own life.

I am thrilled that she will be bringing her expertise to support other women to optimize their fertility and their lives.  Focusing on enhancing fertility is really about building a family, and Caroline is an ideal woman to support others to do this with peace, joy, and wisdom. You will be in good hands working with Caroline.

- Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC, Founder and CEO, The Integrative Women’s Health Institute


Well Mama Praise: 


"Well Mama gave me new purpose.

I looked forward to Sunday when the next module would be waiting for me in my inbox and, I would count down the minutes to my son's nap so I could dive in to the new material. The course helped me set goals for myself as a mom, a partner, and a woman and I felt a sweet sense of accomplishment when I met those milestones or followed through with an activity. I have a hard time articulating what I want to myself and to others and I love that Well Mama forced me to sit down and be deliberate about imagining my ideal life and setting goals for the next year to get there. I've also made it a point to check in with my body when faced with difficult questions or situations. And lastly, Well Mama created an opportunity for my husband and me to reconnect and have deep discussions that most likely wouldn't have come up otherwise."
-Caitlin, Austin, TX, Well Mama Graduate

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"As someone who struggles with anxiety –especially since having kids- Well Mama was the best support I could have ever asked for. 

Caroline took me back to the basics and helped me tune into ME and showed me how I can build a life that fits my family's and my needs. I am so much less worried and feel like I can trust myself again. I'm happy."

- Amanda, NYC, Well Mama Graduate

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"I really valued all of the incredible information Caroline shared with us. It eased so many of my worries learning that I could have such a large impact on my own healing process by following her tips on nutrition post-labor.

Caroline's cookbook is gorgeous and so inspiring; the meals are not only delicious but are all simple enough that they are doable even with a newborn. And I love that each one makes me feel like I'm actively helping my body get stronger and healthier.

I'm so grateful that after Caroline's workshop I now understand exactly what my body needs and how simple it is to get it by following your tips." 

-  Yelena, San Francisco, live Well Mama workshop participant

"I am so impressed with the Well Mama program.

It's so clear how much work and detail went into the creation of it--it's clearly Caroline's third baby :) I especially love the Well Mama Cookbook!"

- Amy, San Francisco, Well Mama Graduate

“My favorite part of the program was learning about my relationship with myself and tuning into me.  

Before becoming a mom, doing any kind of conscious or formal introspective evaluation seemed like something I never had time for, or like it was too self-indulgent. After becoming a mom and doing this program, I realized that I used to have the luxury of having those thoughts “informally,” whenever they floated in and that had stopped happening when all I could think about was my baby. Having the structure of Well Mama to make space for those thoughts again has definitely helped me feel like myself again.”

-Krystal, SF, Well Mama Graduate

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"I joined Well Mama to learn more from Caroline's expertise on motherhood, nutritional considerations for a healthier mind and body and recommendations on how to live a more mindful/balanced lifestyle as a parent. 

I really enjoyed learning more about the functioning of the thyroid and how it relates to daily functioning, mood, etc. I kept it in mind during my prenatal appointments and questions with my OB.

I also benefited from reading about what we can do to help strengthen our marriage and to be more open to practicing self care (as a way to not only benefit myself but also my family). The cookbook and shopping list was both very useful and gorgeous to look at!!!"

- Renee, NYC, Well Mama Graduate

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"I LOVED the shopping list (it was a quick, straightforward resource and was easy to share with an eight-year old to reference as we ask the question "what is something new we can try?") in the beautiful cookbook.

I also really loved reconnecting with myself as I thought about my moods and energy levels in relationship to hormones and " daily demands."

I've also gotten some new routines (such as over-night oats and water before coffee/hydration) out of Well Mama!!"

-Michele, Berkley, CA, Well Mama Graduate

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Praise from Private Coaching Clients:


"My husband and I are so excited to share that we are expecting a baby this fall!!!

Conceiving wasn't easy for us and I still feel like Caroline was an angel that popped into my pilates class so that we could meet.

I know this would not have been possible without her guidance, support, and expertise. Thank you for changing our lives for the better."

- Rachel, Austin, private client

"I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby (girl). I have worked with Caroline for a long time.

She has been life changing."

- Desiree, Minneapolis, private client

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As a coach, Caroline has a very unique approach. She helps her clients become more aware of the true mind/body connection, which is an incredibly powerful tool for reducing anxiety, anger, understanding cravings, or making difficult decisions. Caroline helped me ‘find’ emotions in my body, which is a totally cool experience that made me want to jump from joy and surprise.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, if you feel disconnected or angry at your body, if you want clarity, self-acceptance and inspiration, Caroline is your girl!

-Nadya/ Wellness Coach/ NYC/ www.spinachandyoga.com

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"Working with Caroline has been a life changing experience. She helped me reconnect with my core values and supported every step of unraveling from the cocoon in a time of great transformation. 

Caroline has a special gift for truly seeing who you are.

With her gentle and encouraging approach she guides you by asking the right questions, outlining action steps and cheering for you compassionately. Caroline embodies everything you could ask for in a holistic life coach and I couldn’t have imagined the internal and external shifts I’ve gone through while working with her. Thank you!"

-Luise/ Qigong teacher & Founder of Virtual Right Hand Woman/ Thailand

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"Caroline pushed me to think about things in ways I never had.

She made me look at the points in my life and the decisions I made and how they impact me…. I’ve been very consciously implementing pieces of what I learned in our sessions and can clearly see an impact.

I think Caroline’s friendly style and preparedness are what drove success for me. Caroline’s overall plans for our sessions (start to finish) was impressive and I think a huge input in to what I got out of the sessions."

-Katie/ Director/ NYC

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"Working with Caroline reminded me of Cinderella or other cartoons when the main character has an issue and then all the sudden a fairy comes to help her out. I felt comfortable writing to her so much because I could tell that she really cared about me and wanted the best for me. That is very unique and special :)
I learned that so much of who I thought I was were just patterns that I saw and practiced my entire life (such as worrying)... I was also able to experience making a scary change and seeing that it worked out allows me to trust my own decisions and not be so scared of everything. I feel like my quality of life changed.

Most of all, I FEEL different. I feel more like I always wanted to feel but never actually did. Im actually really happy!

I can handle difficult situations with more confidence, patience, and love than before. I am much nicer to myself (in my head). I believe in miracles which I forgot to do for a few years!
I think that Caroline was the perfect coach for me because of her natural caring and genuine personality - people who are sensitive can feel that right away."

-Orly/ Director/ Los Angeles

"Caroline naturally teased information out of my head. It felt great because they were my thoughts and feelings but she guided me through taking those thoughts, putting them on paper, and getting very clear about what I want. 

Her coaching style is very organic, supportive, positive, engaging, and effective. 

 It felt like I was talking to an old friend and all of a sudden I would have these epiphanies or just feel like “Wow, I’ve made a lot of progress!” It was completely refreshing and energizing and I regained my enthusiasm and confidence in my dream of opening my own business."

-Katie/ Business Analyst/ NYC

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"I feel like Caroline has served as an angel archetype in my life. Most importantly, Caroline has helped me gain the self-confidence to clearly speak of the work I do. I learned how to clarify goals and get in touch with the positive side of searching for what it is that I desire in order to live my ideal life. 

Caroline’s feminine spirit inspired me to connect with what femininity means to me and how I choose to share it with the world. 

Caroline embodies clarity and that was my missing ingredient. We’ve accomplished so much in a short amount of time and I am more productive now than I have been since starting my own business."

-Keely/ Health Coach/ Sarasota, FL

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"Caroline has the ability to listen and pay attention to feelings and small details which otherwise would pass unnoticed. This really helped me.

As a woman I think finding the emotions and balance inside is very important.

Our sessions were very helpful for me to tap into my whole emotions and feelings. I actually came into more peace with myself and was able to accept some of my multi passionate sides. Caroline pushed me to look at the practical sides of my ideas and I have been slowly able to implement them in practice. I would definitely recommend her to my girlfriends, especially the ones that struggle with goals."

-Katerina/ Business Owner/ NYC

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"The thing that stood out most about working with Caroline was that she isn’t afraid to show her own vulnerabilities. She created a very safe space for me to go beyond venting and actually unpack issues and opportunities that I had otherwise accepted as “un-changeable” or written off as being “resolved” (without actually believing it). Instead of just “hearing” what someone is saying Caroline is truly gifted in that she can REFLECT in real time and REACT in a way that demonstrates that she has heard both what I have said as well as what I’ve held back from saying. Caroline doesn’t get stuck on the WHAT, rather she artfully digs into the WHY. She is a living, breathing example that living an authentic life is possible and do-able … not necessarily 1-800 easy street – but attainable. My work with Caroline helped reveal my strengths and true inner interests and gave me the confidence to go after a coveted job opportunity. By accepting and embracing my natural gifts versus trying to fit a mold of what I’d told myself success looked like,

I gained real confidence and awakened a part of me that I’d buried and buffered for years.

I got the job and am truly grateful for Caroline’s support and encouragement which led me to a place where I’ll be able to shine."

-Aly/ Senior Manager Strategy & innovation/ NYC

Cleanse Praise:


The most dramatic change for me has been that for the first time in my life, I honestly feel like my sugar addiction is under control.

Before starting the cleanse, I really thought the no sugar would be the hardest part for me but I've been able to pass up pastries pretty easily. My mood and energy levels have improved significantly, which says a lot since I thought I'd have no energy since I was giving up caffeine. Before this, I would have at least 2-3 cups of coffee a day. 

Lastly, I've experienced a 12.5lb weight loss, which is beyond awesome!! 

- Mikela, Nevada, Spring Cleanse Program

Doing this cleanse, I definitely noticed a considerable difference in my skin, which was particularly impressive at the start of my cycle, when I always experience at least one breakout.

Additionally, the most impressive takeaway was my emotional triggers and how they manifest into certain cravings.

I feel much more self-aware and look forward to moving forward with new intentions."

- Michele, Berkeley, Spring Cleanse Program