My mission

As a Women's Natural Health & Nutrition Coach with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and years of experience as a life coach for women specifically, it is now my mission to marry life coaching with natural health coaching to support women who are on their preconception & fertility, pregnancy, and/or postpartum journeys.

I specifically support women who: 

1. know they want to try for a child in the near future and simply want to prepare themselves optimally.

2.  have been struggling to get and/or stay pregnant for a while.

3. are currently pregnant and would like some support to navigate the changes or their fear of birth.

4. recently had a baby but just don't feel like themselves and want nutritional as well as life-coaching support.

5.  already have children and want to prepare for another pregnancy.


It is my belief that when a woman leads a life she truly loves, feels confident in who she is, and has access to top-quality natural health information that gently supports her body to create hormonal balance (think: optimize her fertility, create a strong mind and body after birth), everything becomes easier, calmer and more intuitive. 


My goal is to get you all the right support on a physical, emotional and spiritual level so that you can be the woman, the partner, the friend, and most importantly, the mom you desire to be.

While I have a lot of knowledge, information, and experience that I can offer you as guidance, my goal is to make YOU your own expert and your own most trusted source.  

My coaching is not about making you perfect. This is not about "fixing" your body and relating to yourself as the victim.

My coaching is about befriending your body through a loving approach and creating a fertile life on all planes -physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually- so that your reproductive fertility and your postpartum recovery can flourish and feel easy and natural. 

Does this feel like an overwhelming topic?

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