This video was part of my Production Thesis work in order to complete my M.A. in Counseling Psychology. Doing mind-body work changed my focus of the world as well as my relationship with myself on a physical, emotional, and soul-level.

It is my hope that it will inspire you to look deeper within yourself as well.

This thesis explores how women somatically experience the emotions of anger, sadness, and joy. Using phenomenological, artistic-creative, and heuristic methodologies, this production thesis validates the value of experiencing emotion not only as a mental recognition, but as a somatic awareness as well. This multifaceted emotional experience is depicted in a video production observing seven women who are guided through relaxation and body scans. These exercises serve as the platform for the creation of bodymaps (simple outlines of the women’s bodies) on which the somatic experiences of these emotions are depicted.

This thesis aims to demonstrate that emotion exists and manifests itself in various ways, allowing one to meet emotion with curiosity rather than with immediate judgment. In addition, this thesis validates that every person experiences emotion in unique ways. The research clearly establishes that taking a mind-body approach in the personal as well as therapeutic framework is of great value.