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This Motherhood Mastermind was born from my own desire to be the best ME I could possibly be.

I desired to create deeper connections with women who were ambitious, brilliant, driven and passionate AND who also understood the unique rewards and challenges that come with being a mother who absolutely adores her children.

After my second son was born, I realized how lost I was getting in being a mom and I began to miss the woman within me. I desired to re-connect with her and create an incredible life for me and my family, but I knew that I couldn't (and honestly, didn't want to) do it alone.

I desired to sit in circle with women who got me, who could talk me through my challenges and who could help me stay accountable to my own dreams, ambitions and intentions. Sometimes I needed these women to offer guidance and direction, sometimes I needed them to tell me "You can do better?" while still other times I needed them to remind me to relax and surrender. In essence, if I was going to be the kind of mom AND the kind of woman I wanted to be, I needed a tribe behind me who could ground and believe in me.    


This mastermind IS ALL ABOUT (and for you IF YOU WANT):

  • Gathering with other intention-filled, positive, and ambitious mothers who want to live up to their own dreams and be proactive and empowered in their decisions. 

  • Helping you find a rhythm in your life as a woman and a mother that fulfills you.

  • Supporting you in creating deeply nourishing self-care practices.

  • Bringing more connection, intimacy, and calmness into your life.

  • Guiding you to a place where you can live in your fullest expression.

  • Integrating the different aspects of your life -motherhood, partnership/ marriage, health, career, friendships… - into your identity of a thriving woman.

  • Creating a structure of balance that serves everyone in your family.

  • Getting you back in touch with your intuition to address your own needs as well as those of your family.

This mastermind circle IS NOT about:

  • Becoming a (exhausted) supermom

  • Preaching perfectionism

  • Feeling competitive with other women and mothers

  • Adding more stress and worry to your life

  • Telling you that someone else knows what’s best for you and your family

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...It is a personalized, transformative, ambition-filled yet compassionate circle for mothers who want to live a life by design, positive intention and loving drive for themselves and their families. 


  • Three month program with two 75-minute (video optional) group calls each month.
  • Four women (maximum) for an intimate experience, where you can really get support. 

  • $700 paid in full or $250 per month

  • A tight-knit support group via Facebook: anytime support, guidance and celebration of your successes.


How does it work?

>> The first session consists of 1. an evaluation of the different areas of your life and your satisfaction level in each category and, 2. Goal setting and planning for the next 3 months

>> During each call, each woman will have a time and space to share about her own progress, goals, desires, dreams, challenges and wins and receive coaching from Caroline and (if desired) input from the group.

Each woman is free to use her time on whatever topic is most pressing and relevant to her, including:

  • integrating her life with motherhood and vice versa

  • finding her rhythm and managing all of her roles

  • self-care (of lack thereof)

  • deciding if and when to have another baby

  • physically preparing your body for another baby

  • her relationship/ marriage

  • her career, how to excel in it or her confusion around her work desires and professional direction

  • her loss of self

  • her family of origin

  • her spirituality

  • her hormones and postpartum struggles (physical healing, messed up menstrual cycles, balancing hormones)

  • and so much more...

>> The last session consists of a review of your goals and an evaluation of what went well, what didn’t, what you learned from your main challenges, and how you can improve going forward.

You will be able to track your own progress over time and be part of an intimate, brilliant, eternally supporting, and savvy group of women who are also passionate mothers dedicated to make it all work without sacrificing themselves!  





Caroline Zwickson, M.A. is a Certified Women’s Health & Life Coach and the creator of the Well Mama program. She supports moms in creating hormonal health and finding their new identity as a mother as well as women who desire to get pregnant naturally. She focuses on helping her clients create optimal hormonal balance and emotional well-being through functional nutrition, positive psychology, and lifestyle adjustments so they can flourish in motherhood and in life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Caroline earned her Master in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and obtained her Health Coach Certification from The Integrative Women's Health Institute. She also completed an apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, women's health and functional nutrition coach.