My manifesto:

The truth about fertility


There exists a deep confusion in our world about the true nature of fertility. 

Women are held under the impression that their fertility is solely a medical cause; something that can be forced to respond and made to cooperate. As if our fertility is an entirely separate entity rather than intricately woven into our very individual existence. 


Let’s face it: too many of us run around stressed, exhausted and leading a life that on many levels feels deeply unfulfilling, dry, and yes, infertile.


We have in many ways lost trust in what our bodies naturally want to do; we have lost the ability to appreciate their complex beauty and we have forgotten how to truly celebrate their capacities to create life. 

Discovering the power within you to create life is one of the most humbling, enlivening and beautiful journeys we can embark on. I want you to know that this power is real and it is available to you. 


You –your fertility, your vibrant mind, your ability to spread joy and pleasure in this world, and your natural strength as a woman- are a crucial part of the greater circle of life. 


I know that many of you think things like

“My fertility/ my menstrual cycle/ my body have been a puzzle for so long… my body is just out of control”, or

“I have tried everything; it’s hopeless”, or

“My body simply doesn’t want to cooperate and give me what I desire.” 


I get it. I was that woman myself not too long ago.

Coming off of years on hormonal birth control, my own hormones were completely out of balance and my period was nowhere in sight.

I was scared that I would not be able to get pregnant.

More than that I was scared of what would happen to my relationship if I couldn’t have children.

I resented my body for being my enemy, for being the thing that potentially stood in the way between me and what I knew I deeply wanted in my life. 

What I found, however, is that your body is always on your side and is simply trying to give you clues for what it needs in order to come back into balance.


Here is what truly surprised me: 

I used to think that fertility was simply the state of conceiving a child, but what I discovered is that true fertility is more than just biology.


True fertility reaches into every intricate corner of your identity.

I realized that having balanced hormones, a healthy, regular cycle and a fertile body was not only about what I ate and learning to chart my cycle, it was also about my emotional life: the way I dealt with stress, what I believed about myself and how free and vibrant I allowed myself to be in my own skin.


I found that the more I relaxed into the messages in my body and listened to what I truly needed, my life became truly fertile: my business tripled with a surprising amount of ease. My friendships deepened. I got engaged to the man of my dreams. In a nutshell: I had more fun and joy than ever before. 


The big result for me was that by creating a fertile life, my body came back into balance as well.

It didn’t happen overnight but it happened because my life and body were finally truly healthy again, not because I took the right combination of pills. Shortly thereafter my husband and I conceived our first child. 


Here is the thing I want you to remember: 


True fertility is so much more than just biology: true fertility is when every aspect of your life blossoms because you are truly in tune with yourself on all levels.

When your life is in this harmony, your body will cooperate with ease and grace. 

When you live a fertile life, there is simply no room for energy draining food that doesn’t honor your hormonal balance, self-loathing thoughts that keep you small, strict perfectionism that only fosters dry soil, or the belief that pleasure and relaxation have to wait until all your other work is done. 


As a mother to a beautiful son, I now feel called to speak to you women out there who are longing to have a child and yet are struggling with creating fertility. I am called to speak to those of you who are tied up in the belief that in order to succeed at anything at all, the journey has to be painful. I am here to show you a different way to create a life filled with fertility.

You cannot invite life into your womb, when you live a life of scarcity, mistrust, and fear. 

What if I told you that if you give yourself permission to feel good, your life will be good, too?

What if I told you that once you create a fertile life, your body will become fertile as well?


So, dear woman, in your quest to make your body fertile, remember that true fertility begins with following the messages from your body and creating a life that is fertile on all levels. When we do that we cannot help but create an environment inside of our body that reflects the vibrancy and abundance of our external life.

with love, 

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