You and your Self

Your most influential (unconscious) ritual is how you think about yourself


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I want to share a secret with you

When we operate from a place of fear, worry, guilt, judgement, or negativity, we will never create true health or happiness in our life.

The language we use internally, the way we talk to ourselves determines how we greet the world, how we approach different situations, how we handle conflict, how we overcome obstacles, and ultimately the value we can create in this world; may this be as a mom, in our marriages, in our work, in our communities, or simply as the amazing woman you are (our world needs you!).

More than anything, the way we talk to ourselves is a window into our own relationship with ourselves and our relationship with ourselves sets the stage for everything we do, the people we attract, the opportunities that come, the life we lead, the mother we can be, the type of partnership and marriage we have, the physical and emotional health that we create longterm.

The reason our inner talk is so important is because depending on its quality, we are either working against or for ourselves.

We are either constantly blocking ourselves from living a confident, aligned, healthful, easy life, OR we are creating an internal environment that is filled with possibility, positivity and encouragement. You choose.




Diamond insight

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Your thoughts about yourself create your reality - whether you are aware of it or have been oblivious to it until now.

Your daily thoughts and beliefs are immensely powerful.

They are, in fact, your most powerful ritual.

They are with you every day, all day.

Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your body, what you are capable of, and what you are worthy of fundamentally determine everything in your life.

Many people talk about self-care these days, but all the manicures, massages, and yoga classes won 't improve your wellbeing as long as your inner dialogue is dominated by a harsh critic.

This, right here, is where the real work begins, love.

AND can you imagine anything better for your kids than a mom who can role-model to them what it' s like to just like herself and lay out her life in accordance to her authenticity and in encouragement of her happiness and wellbeing.




Nothing creates more anxiety, anger, resentment or loneliness


If your relationship with yourself is marked by negative self- talk, harsh self-judgment, an expectation to be perfect, or a tendency to deny your own authenticity, vulnerability and value, you are literally shrinking yourself. Nothing creates more anxiety, anger, resentment or loneliness.

This is the opposite of being truly alive and vibrant, and it is the opposite of what living a fertile, joyful life means; a life where you genuinely like the person you are, your cycles are healthy, conception can happen, pregnancy goes smoothly, and motherhood is predominantly (not always ;)) something that is viewed through love, care and a good dose of humor.

Changing your thoughts and beliefs about yourself will change your energy and your energy will change how your physical body, including your hormones, responds as well as the kind of support you will get from the world. In essence, if you are radiating authenticity and an expectation that amazing things want to happen to you, you are massively opening yourself up to actually receive all the goodness this world has to offer.

The best part: it is in your power to do so!



An exercise for you


Here is an exercise I love and have used with hundreds of women to shed light on what’s going on inside right now and how they want to change their inner talk to set themselves up for an incredible, fertile, confident, healthy life and motherhood.

Take out your journal and follow me through the steps below, writing down whatever comes to your mind.


Step 1: Explore your limiting beliefs.

What do you believe about yourself and your life that is holding you back?

Where, when, and to whom are you giving away your power?

When and how do you judge yourself?

In what circumstances in your life do you shrink?

What do you believe about your ability to conceive a healthy baby, what are your beliefs about pregnancy and birth, and what do you believe about yourself as a mom and how one becomes a good mother?


Step 2: What would you like to believe instead?

Looking at step 1, what beliefs about yourself and patterns of owning your power do you want to create instead?

If you had belief about yourself, would your life and your body feel more at ease, confident, vibrant and beautiful?

Which area of your mind, body, or life do you want to send positive words and thoughts to?

What would you say?


Step 3: Use the power of visualization.

Now I want you to use your imagination to visualize your desired thoughts and beliefs from b.

For example, if you ’d like to believe that your body is capable of conceiving a baby, imagine your womb in vibrant colors, juicy, filled with bright light, warm...whatever you imagine the perfect environment for your baby to grow in would look like.

If you ’d like to feel more confident, calm, and relaxed in your role as a mom, imagine yourself being that. What would it look like to be calm and relaxed? How would you talk to your kids? How would you spend time with your family differently? Who would you ask for more help? How would you react in a stressful moment? How would you take care of yourself in order to be calm,relaxed and confident?

Jot down some keywords or thoughts that come to mind or, even better,make a vision board of your ideal life as a pregnant woman or thriving mama.


Spend some time each day visualizing your most ideal YOU and act as if all of the things you wish for were already true. Get ready to experience the magical power of manifestation :)