Stress less. Live more.

Taking charge of your own life (the sensible way)


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Really? Stressing less?


Before you flip to the next page, love (because everyone is telling us to stress less and you feel like you ’ re over it) I want you to know that this is the hardest thing for 90% of my clients.

It is also the very thing that 90% of my clients get the most life-changing value from if they get clear and take action on some very specific tools to simplify things.

Stress is an epidemic and it has become our society’s “ normal.”


Here is what I often hear:

Isn ’t everyone stressed?

Isn ’t it just part of leading a successful, ambitious, full life?

I would like to stress less, but it' s honestly just not possible right now.

I know people who have way more on their plate than me... is something wrong with me?


Because I know that you are probably tired of hearing about stressing less (especially when that seems impossible!), I want to encourage YOU especially to trust me and give the next few pages a try.

I am about to suggest a different way for you to begin unraveling your stress.



Diamond insight

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There is positive stress and negative stress. Let me explain.

Positive “stress”:

busyness that comes from loving the things you do so much that you tend to be pretty busy but you still know where your boundaries are and you feel confident and communicating them. Basically, you are in tune with your desires and your life is mapped out for the fulfillment of the things you actually want. You know that taking excellent care of yourself is key to long term success and you act on it. You are in charge.


Negative “stress”:

busyness that comes from doing things you hate, that drain your energy, that require all your willpower, discipline, and self-pressure to do and that come at the expense of your own well-being. Basically, pleasing others is more important than your own well-being, your family, and the things you actually love to do. You cannot communicate boundaries and so you are not in charge.


You see the difference, love? 




Stress & your hormones


When your adrenals are working in relentless overdrive, your body is so busy producing stress hormones to keep up with your busy life that your sex hormones are being sacrificed.

This is called pregnenolone steal: pregnenolone is the " mother hormone " that gives rise to both cortisol (a key stress hormone; think: adrenals) and progesterone (a key sex hormone; think: ovaries).

When physical or emotional stress rises and stays high for a prolonged period of time, your body has the ability to turn progesterone (which is essential to get & stay pregnant!) into cortisol (which is essential for survival).

The reason your body does this is not to spite you, but to ensure your survival -> hint: your body will always think it's more important to help you run away from the tiger than to have a baby.

In addition, these two hormones also have the same receptor sites, meaning that they are competing with each other for cell absorption, which is bad news for you both physically and emotionally.

Keeping your blood-sugar as stable as possible is a key start, but there is more. Continue on and find out.




Why you care

Women trying to conceive:

When you have insufficient progesterone resources, the luteal phase of your cycle (which is the phase that begins after you ovulate until right before you menstruate) becomes too short, which is a phenomenon called Luteal Phase Defect.

As a result, you almost certainly become estrogen dominant, which drags with it a whole slew of aches and pains.

When this happens your body is much less likely to sustain a pregnancy and you are more likely to miscarry, which of course, nobody wants. In a way, it' s your body telling you that things are too stressful and there isn't space for a baby.


Women currently pregnant:

If you are pregnant, your baby can be negatively impacted by consistently high cortisol levels.

In fact, if you deplete your adrenals completely, your body will use your baby's adrenals to try and keep up with your busy lifestyle. Being stressed out all the time will also remove your focus from connecting with your baby.

Studies have shown that consistently high stress levels are correlated to morning sickness and nausea.

Perhaps these traditional "pregnancy discomforts" are ways that your body is trying to teach you to slow down, because as any mama will tell you, once your baby has arrived the pace of your life will be very different.

Ultimately, in a good way, of course, but adjusting to taking more time, being less productive, and surrendering your do-er nature can feel challenging to many new mamas (myself totally included!).


New mamas:

If you are a mama, your breastmilk quality and production as well as your physical healing and emotional well-being postpartum will suffer tremendously if you take on too much.

In particular, when your own sleep routine is already disrupted (which studies show impacts our hormone production unfavorably by itself) and you are naturally taxing your adrenals more, it is crucial that you are giving them a break in other ways.

The new motherhood period is not your time to move mountains and change the world.

Afterall, the first three months postpartum are often referred to as the fourth trimester for a reason. Things can wait and you need to take care of yourself and your new baby first.

In addition, your baby can feel your stress, so if your adrenals are running on overdrive, so will your baby's. Instead, think about the kind of environment you want to create in your own and in your baby's life.


An exercise for you

When I look at stress with my private clients, we always start out with the Wheel Of Life exercise.

The Wheel Of Life addresses a number of different areas in your life that are all adding to your feelings of wholeness, completeness, and fulfillment.

You simply rate each area on a scale from 0 to 10 (0= least happy and content; 10= 100% satisfied) in terms of how much happiness, pleasure and peace this area brings you.

Then you connect the dots and it becomes very easy to see which of the areas are major stress triggers for you, either because of what they require (ex. too many hours at work, a tension filled relationship with your partner) or because of what they lack (ex. the lack of a spiritual practice, the lack of movement, the lack of friendships).

Awareness is the key to changing anything in your life.

Do the exercise on the next page and see what you discover about yourself:



An honest note on stress

Truly unraveling stress, learning how to set boundaries, calming your physical stress-response system that is keeping your adrenals in overdrive and is jeopardizing your female health as a woman trying to conceive, pregnant, or a new mama, is often a more in depth process than I can go into in this guide.

But, I want you to know that you are in charge of making these changes.

By bringing awareness to these areas and feeling into the power that is within you to make the changes in your life that you need, is always the first step.

Keep at it and remember that it's not the occasional stress that is difficult for your body to handle, it' s the relentless, often silent but never-ending stress that is harmful.

You are not never going to conceive because you had a tough week at work.

You have not harmed your baby in utero because you and your hubby got into a fight.

You are not a bad mama because you lost your shit one afternoon.

Just be aware and intervene before it becomes the norm.


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