Let's bring some BEAUTY home!


As moms, our homes can sometimes feel like a hot mess. Especially if your kid is crawling or has reached toddler years and is all over the cabinets, garbage bin, toilet and basically any shelf he/she can reach. Fun times, right?

And even if you have a tiny one, chances are that baby gear, toys, and swaddle blankets are quickly taking over your whole space.

But just because your surroundings aren’t always as tidy, neat and organized as they once were, doesn’t mean that your home cannot be a place of positive intention, beauty, and inspiration. 

Particularly as women, we feel truly at home in our space, when we are surrounded by objects, memories and colors that enhance a sense of comfort and well-being and signal to us that feeling of "I am at home. I am safe. This is my home and I love it." 

I often speak with women about feeling at home in their bodies and what that means. The focus can easily drift towards what you eat, how you exercise, whether you look like you did before pregnancy and how you can accept and cherish your "new" body in a positive light.

Here is the thing: you cannot feel truly at home in your body if you don't feel truly at in your life, including your home and space. 

That's why today's challenge is:
Bring beauty into your home

Bringing beauty into your home always includes stimulating of one of your senses. Here are my favorite ideas: 
1. Get fresh flowers.

2. Arrange a nice looking basket with aromatic fruits and vegetables. 

3. Update some pictures on your wall.
(I recently updated a bunch of the pictures on our living room wall and added a shelf with plants, a candle, and a goddess statue I love: 

4. Get some new pillows or blankets (preferable ones you can easily wash).

5. Add some candles to your space that you can light during meals and in the evening to add some coziness to your home.

6. Update your wardrobe with a new piece. Perhaps there's a color or style that you've been eyeing lately? Perhaps an accessory that you just feel like is "so you?" See if you can find a little splash of inspiration and fun to your style.

7. Or, you can also "add beauty" by finally getting rid of things in your home that you dislike and that don't really bring you any joy. Look around and ask yourself "Does this object/ piece bring me joy when I see it?

It's your choice, love :)

Now, I'm so curious. Let us know what you are up to on the Facebook group.