Are you ready for more PLEASURE in your life?


It's Day #1 of our challenge and I am so excited, because we are starting with my personal all-time favorite theme: PLEASURE. 

Yes, I know, many of you might be immediately thinking of either biting into a piece of decadent chocolate or getting hot and heavy in the bedroom with your partner. Or you might be thinking... "Pleasure?! What's that?" We all have our own ideas of what feels good to us, but today I want to expand your idea of pleasure. 

Pleasure can be experienced in so many ways, and just because you may not feel like getting steamy in the sheets, doesn't mean you cannot experience it at all. 

One of the most important topics I talk to my new mama clients about is nutrition. I teach them how shifting a few simple things, food can dramatically help to:

  • balance hormones
  • heal connective tissue/ skin healing
  • manage weight post baby
  • improve the quality of breastmilk, and
  • enhance mood and emotional well-being

Nutrition and food play a huge role in how you feel in your body and mind, but WHAT you eat is only part of the picture, HOW you eat is just as important!

In fact, I'd even go as far as say that how you nourish yourself is really a window into how you treat yourself on a larger scale, how you think of yourself internally and what you believe you are deserving of. 

So let me ask you: Do you eat in a constant hurry, without chewing or tasting, sitting down, or even making a proper plate for yourself? Or perhaps you've been sustaining yourself based off your toddler's rejects and left-overs? 

No more, mama. Not today, at least!

Today's challenge is:
Bring the pleasure back to your plate.

Now, as a busy mama myself, I know how hard it can be to have even just one meal in peace and quiet.

Today, is a two-part challenge: 

1) I want you to make at least ONE of your meals as colorful, vibrant, and beautiful as possible, and

2) For at least ONE meal, sit down to eat, turn on some relaxing music or sit in the sunshine, chew well, taste every bite and take your time.

And by the way, if your little one is anything like mine and is currently in the food throwing, get-up-after-every-5-minutes phase, that might mean that you will enjoy your meal once your baby is napping;)

I'd love to see what you are up to and how you are bringing the pleasure to your plate today, so share your experience and/ or pictures on our Facebook group.

See you over there :)