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I am here to be your mama ally, non-judgmental listener, master brainstormer and expert guide to navigate motherhood, your hormones and your desires as a whole woman successfully.

    Together, we will work on any (or all) of the following:

    • giving your more energy, stamina, resilience, trust and positivity.
    • finding a rhythm in your life that allows you to be an incredible mother while having time to nourish yourself.
    • using the power of food and nutrition (and sometimes supplements) to support healthy, balanced hormones.
    • addressing existing hormonal imbalances and coaching you on how to best navigate them.
    • improving your communication with your partner and your children.
    • managing and reducing stress from responsibilities and expectations (society's and your own).
    • supporting you in being your most expressed an vibrant version of yourself. 
    • making strong, authentic and aligned decisions for yourself and your family.
    • discovering your personal ideal interplay between career/ entrepreneurship and home life, and how to realize it!
    • helping you identify your core values and living in alignment with them.
    • fostering a deep connection to your intuition and feminine wisdom.
    • finding more calmness, ease and trust in your life.
    • creating a strong, resilient, and positive mindset that you can role-model to your children.
    • navigating challenges in your shifting and expanding relationship to your husband/wife/partner.
    • helping you create a clear roadmap for how you can be more present-centered and "in the moment."



    Let's invite some magic, flow and ease into your wild mama life.


    Who I work with:

    I work with women from all over the world, including stay-at-home moms, mompreneurs, working mamas, and anyone in between.

    We can -and probably will- talk about all areas of your life ranging from work and love to health and play all the way to spirituality and your family of origin. I always take a holistic, gentle, and direct approach that is both grounded in practical action steps you can start taking today while also holding space for the manifestation of your most desired long term outcomes.  

    If you're ready to make some changes, take charge and try a different, more aligned, more fulfilling way of being YOU, I can help you.

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    How does coaching work? Two options.

    Option 1: on-going

    I work with my clients in increments of 3 months at a time. After each 3 month period we assess how far we have come, what we have achieved and what remains to be done. 

    Each month, there are two 45-minute, private calls. In between calls you will be working on specific action steps. You also have unlimited email access to me for support, feedback,and guidance. I am a big believer in the power of writing and encourage all of my clients to take advantage of sharing both their challenges and wins with me.  

    If you are interested, we will incorporate goddess cards into our sessions for some extra magic. That is up to you.

    Option 2: 1/2 day, in-person intensive

    This option is great for anyone local to the Bay Area (or willing to travel here) who needs a fast resolution and is ready to do real work and dive deep into a specific topic. 

    Before your arrival at my home, you will be asked to complete a form detailing what you desire to resolve and shed light on. I will create a unique, personalized 4-hour session for you that will include discussion, exercises, rituals and if you are interested, a goddess card reading. Expect incredible insights and results.

    After we part, you will receive a detailed follow-up email from me outlining your biggest insights and a specific action plan for you to execute going forward. If needed, you can also book a follow-up call a few weeks or months later.

    Healthy snacks and beverages will be provided for you. 

    This is a truly magical experience for anyone looking for profound grounding and a real coming home to yourself and your desires. 

    Let me help you step into your truest truth and create a life that allows you to be the mother and woman you want to be.