The Ava Bracelet: Is it right for you? {Fertility & Cycle Tracking}

Whenever I talk to a new client (or a random mom on the playground who asks me health related questions), we inevitably talk about her menstrual cycle. And I am ecstatic about it LOL. I love educating women on their periods, because, to me, knowing our cycles is super empowering and allows you to become a more intuitive, confident AND healthy woman. (And in today's day and age, what's better –or more needed– than that?!)

Our menstrual cycle is one of the best windows into our greater health. 

Most women think that tracking your cycle is only relevant if you are trying to conceive, and yes, knowing your cycle –tracking it's length, your waking temperature and the changes in your cervical fluid– is super insightful when it comes to detecting your fertile window and getting pregnant more easily. But, that being said, knowing what your cycle is up to regardless of whether you're in baby-making mood or not, is incredible rich in information on your overall health status. 

There are obviously a lot of period apps out there, but most of them only track the length of your period and some help you keep track of your waking temperature and cervical fluid. BUT, none of these apps do the job of tracking a number of physiological parameters that give you deep insight into your fertility, ovulation and overall health, FOR YOU!! This is what makes Ava so unique and accurate!

How does the Ava work?

In a nutshell, the Ava bracelet is a completely unprecedented method of tracking a woman’s cycle. While you’re sleeping, Ava’s sensors collect data on nine different physiological parameters. Ava’s algorithm then detects your fertile window, physiological stress level, sleep quality, and more... all of which are giving you insight into your fertility and into your health.

Because of all the amazing information that Ava collects for you WHILE YOU ARE DOING NOTHING, BUT SLEEPING (umm... amazing!), it detects an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle at 89% accuracy, which doubles your chances of getting pregnant (if that is what you want).  

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Here is what the Ava interface looks like (the bracelet is connected to an app on your phone):

My personal experience: 

Personally, I was hesitant to try the Ava Bracelet, because I loved tracking my cycle the old-school way –measuring my waking temperatures and cervical fluid– because this method first allowed me to gain insight into my hormonal health and realize which specific hormonal imbalance I had that I needed to heal. Once I healed this imbalance (I had a short luteal phase, also known as luteal phase defect, which meant that getting AND staying pregnant would be difficult for me... which was terrifying, but also good to know before I was ready to have kids!), I knew exactly when I was fertile and so getting pregnant felt very intuitive for me with both my boys.

In any case, I tried Ava and I was blown away.

The wealth of information Ava gave me every morning was beyond amazing and insightful. It took me a few nights to get used to sleeping with something on my wrist, but then I stopped noticing it.

If we try for a third (IF!!!!), I will be so excited to use it, but in the meantime, I'll be collecting all its super cool information for my own health tracking purposes. 

By the way, the Ava Bracelet can be used for cycle tracking, fertility tracking and even pregnancy tracking. How amazing is that? Plus, as long as you get 4 consecutive hours of sleep, it can collect your data, which is a huge plus for moms to little ones like me. 

Check it out here and use my discount code hcaczcoaching if you decide to treat yourself to an Ava. 

Are you currently tracking your cycle? Do you find it easy, hard, confusing, amazing...? Let me know in the comments below.