Let's celebrate our INVISIBLE work today


Before I became a mom myself, I had no idea that there is an entire sea of a labor force out there doing invisible, free, under-appreciated work 24/7.

Yes, I am talking to you my fellow moms as well as care-takers like my aunt who is dedicating her sole focus on caring for my 94-year old grandmother.

Before I became a mom myself, I had no idea how intense the job of a mother can be; how serious, how exhausting, how physically and emotionally demanding.

And yes, it is, in my experience, also the 100% best and most important job I have ever done.

When I see my kids thrive, when we go through some challenge together and come out the other end stronger, when I look into their eyes and I know that they are happy and well, when their little arms wrap around my neck and I can feel their heartbeat pressed up against mine, I experience a huge sense of accomplishment, love, and joy.

I wouldn't choose my life and my choices any other way.

But, I am also crassly aware that the work I and other mothers and care-takers do is taken for granted, goes unseen, and is massively underestimated by society at large.

For example, as my friend Grabriela once pointed out, the years women spend and serve on being mothers are completely overlooked in their resumes.

The years and time (no matter if full-time, part-time or evenings and weekends) that we spend as mothers are marked as years OFF from work, when women seemingly did nothing, or at least nothing of significance that could be counted towards a career. As if no skills, no resilience, no teamwork, no organizational skills, no nightwork, no perseverance, no problem-solving skills, no innovative spirit, no management skills, no motivational work were ever necessary as a mother.

I mean, seriously, when you think about it like that, don't you think that's completely wrong and twisted?

Imagine we added all the things we learned as mothers into our resume. We would all be up for a huge promotions and raise!

Personally, I have zero hesitation in saying that I have learned more as mother, taking care of kids, running a household and organizing our lives than I have in any other job. Ever. Period.

So, that is my long-winded way of saying that TODAY, I am celebrating YOU and all people who do invisible work!

I see you.

I celebrate you.

I appreciate you.

You are doing an amazing job.

If you have a fellow mom friend or someone who is a care-taker who also does invisible, under-appreciated work, please forward this email to them and let them know that what they –their work, how they apply themselves, their efforts and their love– does not go unseen.

Let them know that you are celebrating them today, on Labor Day, because what they do is essential for our families, for our society, for our world.

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I hope to see you there.