NYC reminded me… + it’s my birthday

Today is my birthday, so I wanted to write a special blogpost about a few personal discoveries I have recently made and see if, by sharing them with you, you might gain some new insight as well.


I recently spent a week in NYC (if you’re curious, check out my instagram for how we did NYC with two toddlers).

In case you don’t know, I used to live in NYC for seven years before moving to San Francisco. In fact, Raz and I went from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife to parents while we lived in Brooklyn. I completed my MA in Counseling Psychology, graduated as a published author and started my coaching business in NYC. I made dozens of new friends who massively expanded my understandings of creativity, diversity, humanity, well-being, and fun.

Big milestones -internally and externally- happened in the arms of NYC.

Returning to my old stomping grounds (with two kids in tow), I realized a few things:

  1. I finally understood what “being at home” means to me.

    As you may know, I have grappled with this question for many years, because I have moved around quite a bit.

    But I finally get it: for me, home simply is where I feel like myself –my real, authentic, light up self.

    I noticed that as soon as I stepped foot into the city, my whole body was filled with energy, optimism, curiosity, and LIFE.

    I noticed my energetic color changing to a bright yellow gold with speckles of bright hues dancing around happily. I instantly felt so hungry for the world, like there was so much to soak up, take in, learn, create and give.

    In simple words: I returned to my version of myself who I love the most. I felt at home within me, like I reconnected with an old friend who had been on mute for too long.

    It felt incredible.

    It felt like the kind of inner home I’d like to unpack my belongings in.

    So let me ask you:

    Where do you feel most like yourself? When you are in what kind of an environment, with what kind of people do you feel like the version of yourself you like the best? How much time do you spend in this full, bright, alive expression of yourself?

  2. I need to reclaim my inner rebel.

    A few years ago, a friend of mine did my full astrological chart for me and, in it, it said that in my previous life I was a rebel. It sounds strange, but when I read this, all of my inner senses awoke and loudly screamed “YES!”

    Over the years, I have learned about myself that I need a certain amount of freedom, uncertainty, change, rebellion, unconventional ways of doing things, and unique ways of self-expression to feel whole.

    When I was walking through the streets of NYC pushing our double stroller with my two little loves who had just finished racing through water fountains on a hot summer day, I realized that my life has become more dull and monotone than I like.

    I realized that I am bored.

    It’s not that I don’t have enough to do or that I find myself on the couch twirling my hair. Quite the opposite.

    My life with my family and my work is busy and fulfilling. I am just not light up spiritually and creatively. I have not wandered at the edge of my seat with excitement for the possibilities of life.

    I understand that this had to be that way because I was in major mothering mode to two young children. We all needed to feel a little smaller, more contained, quietly settled into a routine.

    But now, I feel a new season starting: there are so many thoughts and ideas in my head that are unexplored, so many people I need to know better and haven’t made the time for, so many things to see and experience and say out loud without fear of judgement or rejection.

    The next chapter of my evolution is ready for me and I need to start walking.

    So, let me ask you:

    What do you need to reclaim? What pieces of you have either gotten lost, are asleep or have never been explored? What is this chapter of your evolution about?

    That brings me to…

  3. There is so much work to be done in this world.

    Work to improve people’s health and happiness.
    Work for women.
    Work for men.
    Work for children.
    Work for our political systems and our ethical and moral standards.
    Work for couples, married people, and families.
    Work for the heath of our planet.
    Work for optimism, faith, and community.

    I feel refreshed, woken up and ready to dive into this work and do my part. More on this soon.

    So, let me ask you:

    What do you feel is your way to add meaning to this world? Are you clear on your significance, your purpose?

    If not, it’s time to figure this out.

    Ask yourself: What do you really want to give to this world? What are you already naturally doing that is both in alignment with your values and of significance for you personally? This doesn’t have to be expressed through your job, but could be expressed anywhere.

    Give yourself permission to be creative and think BIG.

My heart feels so open and expansive, raw in the best way, and I’m loving it. I want to invite you to come on this journey of expansion, of stepping into your next chapter, of exploring your personal evolution and manifestation of this life with me.

If you feel like it, let me know how you responded to the questions above. I love hearing from you and knowing what’s real and true for you.

Sending you so much love.