2 steps to better hormones, more energy & a lighter mood

I was so tempted to make it 3 steps, because that seems to be some sort of unwritten rule, but to be honest, no other step is as important as these two, so that’s what I am telling you about today :)

Here is goes:

Do you know that nearly 80% of women suffer from some kind of hormonal imbalance resulting in a slew of physical and mental health challenges?

When we hear “hormonal imbalance” most people think of thyroid disorders (hypo- or hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto, or Graves disease), PCOS, amenorrhea, endometriosis etc.

However, there is a whole host of other, more subtle hormonal imbalances that are making life unpleasant for so many women. These include, for example, estrogen dominance, low estrogen, luteal phase defect (or low progesterone), thyroid levels that are borderline, or cortisol levels that are off or symptomatic of adrenal fatigue.

From having worked with hundreds of women over the years, I have seen the effects even subtle hormonal imbalances, can have on women’s well-being, concentration, sex drive, fertility, confidence, energy, and ability to relax, sleep well, and truly enjoy life.

That is why, in my humble opinion, I believe that all women benefit from living in a “hormone-conscious” way that supports balance across the different areas of your life.

Here are the two most important steps you need to take to take better care of your hormones:

Step 1: Keep your blood-sugar stable

The reason why this matters is because when your blood-sugar spikes (for ex. after you eat something high in sugar), your pancreas releases a ton of insulin to transport the sugar molecules that are in your bloodstream to the right organs and tissues. 

High insulin unfortunately sets off a chain reaction and also spikes cortisol, your stress hormone, which negatively impacts progesterone, another key sex hormone.

In addition, high insulin also triggers your ovaries to produce more testosterone (instead of estradol), which means that your ovaries are malfunctioning and can lead to sporadic or lack of ovulation resulting in even more hormonal chaos.

Here are 6 steps to begin balancing your blood-sugar: 
1. Eat within an hour of waking up
2. Eat a snack or meal that contains a healthy protein, a healthy fat, and fiber every 2-3 hours
3. Reduce your carbohydrate load
4. Reduce your sugar consumption (especially before bed)
5. Avoid caffeine and sugar drinks
6. Heal your gut

If you would like to learn more about this and get specific recipes that are blood-sugar friendly, join my Spring | Summer Cleanse today (we’re starting as a group on June 24th, but you can also do this cleanse as an e-course on your own time).

Step 2: Get serious about addressing stress in your life

When your adrenals are working in relentless overdrive, your body is so busy producing stress hormones to keep up with your busy life that your sex hormones are being sacrificed. 

This is called pregnenolone steal: pregnenolone is the "mother hormone" that gives rise to both cortisol (a key stress hormone; think: adrenals) and progesterone (a key sex hormone; think: ovaries).

When physical or emotional stress rises and stays high for a prolonged period of time, your body has the ability to turn progesterone (which is essential to get & stay pregnant, but also to feel calm and relaxed!) into cortisol.

The reason your body does this is not to spite you, but to ensure your survival.


Start with exploring your relationship with yourself. 

Start with assessing your self-expectations and where you are applying more pressure than necessary. 

Start by asking yourself about what really makes you joyful and happy.

Start exploring where and with whom you may need more boundaries.

I’ve talked to hundreds of women about the issue of stress, overwhelm, and self-worth, and I know it’s not always easy, but I know you can do it and I know that your life (& hormones) will be so much better because of it!

You got this!

If you’re ready to dive right in and kickstart a new way of taking care of yourself, I would love for you to join my 7-day, detoxifying, food-based, mind-body cleanse next week. We start on Monday, June 24th, but you will be sent all materials on Friday so you have the weekend to prepare.

*If next week doesn’t work for you, sign up anyways and you can do the cleanse on your own timeline.


  • you know you want to conceive in the next 3-12 months (you want to detoxify your body before you conceive!)

  • you are a mom and would like to help your body "bounce back" by doing what's best: focus on supporting your hormones.

  • you've been feeling sluggish, have had low energy, and need to reboot your body as a whole.

  • you suffer from hormonal imbalances, period problems, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, low libido, sleep difficulties, low thyroid or skin issues and know something needs to change.

  • you have been putting up with uncontrollable cravings and a feeling that food controls your mood more than you like.

  • you want to detoxify your system from all the built up "bad choices" you've made.

  • you simply want to feel balanced, light yet resilient, and vibrant in your body.

  • you want to experience what it means to "eat yourself healthy."

I hope to see you there.

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