She said: "Caroline, I feel bloated, emotional, and irritated"

A few months ago, I spoke on a panel to a group of women about how to create great, fulfilling, big lives. It was amazing and so fun. I just love being in a room with ambitious, creative women who want to rock work and life.

Afterwards, a woman came up to me and said "Caroline, I love everything you shared and identify with so much of what was talked about tonight, but I just feel so bloated, emotional and irritable after having my second child that I feel like I just cannot focus on doing all the work I know I need to do to move forward."

Ahh yes! 

Whenever I start working with a new client, I assess where they are: Is their ground solid, stable and balanced and are they ready to start envisioning, creating, and actively building the life they want? Or, is their base shaky and needs to be stabilized first?

This tells me where our work needs to begin.

This particular woman needed to focus on stabilizing and balancing her base before she could fully engage and reap the benefits of this panel conversation (which was about moving things forward and up).

Does that make sense?

We cannot create from a place of instability and imbalance and expect the things we create to work and feel fulfilling. 

When I heard the words "bloated, emotional and irritable," a few things came to my mind that were possibly true for this woman:

1. Excessive stress
2. Rushed eating that is not mindful 
3. A diet that probably includes a lot of "quick food" that isn't easy to digest and taxes the digestive tract more than necessary
4. A possible hormonal imbalance
5. Not enough support and/or possibly hung-up on the idea that "I should be able to do it all to be a good mom"
6. Excessive expectations of self that lead to guilt and irritability when not fulfilled
7. No place to put or express all her feelings resulting in bottling up of emotions

These are the things I would explore with her as a client because I have seen these cycles play out for so many women who are under stress (like for ex. most new moms) and are trying to keep it all together: we literally become bloated from the wrong food, stress, rush, emotions and expectations we put in and on ourselves.

If this is you and you would like to break this pattern and adopt some new ways of feeding yourself physically and emotionally, I invite you to join my 7-day, detoxifying, food-based, hormone-balancing, mind-body Spring | Summer cleanse next week (cannot make the dates? Sign up anyways and do the cleanse on your own time)

This cleanse is about true NOURISHMENT of your body and soul, so you can regain a stable base, improve your digestion, reboot your hormones, and feel good, clean, and calm in your own body, so you can build the life you want to live.

Here's what the Spring | Summer Cleanse Workbook includes: 

  • an introduction to spring/summer cleansing principles: The goal is to support your liver in its ability to detox and support balanced hormones

  • Small daily exercises & action steps to promote emotional well-being, strength, resilience, and feeling calm and beautiful!

  • tips for how to overcome cravings and constipation (without your morning coffee)

  • how to balance your blood-sugar

  • shopping list packed with delicious, fresh, and invigorating foods and menu ideas for how to keep things easy, simple and delicious

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  • shortcuts and time-saving tips for cooking and eating healthy

  • and much more

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This cleanse is not about making your life hard and your plate empty and boring. The focus is not deprivation.

Instead, this cleanse focuses on giving you the tools, resources, and support to try a new and DELICIOUS way of eating.

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