I did something radical... you should try it

I did something radical.

I haven’t talked about it much, but here it is:


I slowed down.

A lot.

It feels incredible.

But I was scared.

Scared what slowing down would mean.

What it would say about me?

How it would feel to have space to fill?

Would I have less business, less income, less likes, less purpose?

Less less less…

But here’s the truth:

I have more.

Oh so much more.

More time.

More space to move my body and play with my intuition.

More clear thoughts.

More high quality ideas.

More business that feels good.

More positive thoughts about myself and my life.

More authentic desires.

More passion.

More creativity.

More connections.

More meaning.

… because I am no longer hustling through my day,

… because I began to refuse finding importance only in the productive ways of being alive, instead of also in the passive beauty everywhere.

Here’s a secret I discovered:

Slowing down and doing less, doesn’t actually make you less productive or rob you of being successful, but it challenges you to figure out what is actually important, what actually leads to results, where your focus is really needed, what is actually looks and FEELS like to flow.

I know it won’t always be like that.

I know there will be times of hustle, of busy-ness, of unexpected stressors, of grief, but for now,

I choose less.

I choose slow.

I choose time.

I choose presence.

I choose dedicated single focus.

I choose to collect a sense of accomplishment from everything I do - no matter if it’s a chore, playing with LEGOs, or a high level work call.

I choose this, because I have now seen that stress and chronic hustle doesn’t actually lead to more.

That’s the myth so many of us live by,

… the myth that makes so many people sick, confused, and unhappy.

Let’s bust it.

I know I can.

I know you can.

If you want help to slow down, to hear your thoughts, to understand where you need to focus and bring your life into alignment so you have space to feel good, vibrant, and alive, I’d love to help you. I’m accepting new clients in June and would love to help you create more spaciousness, deeper fulfillment, greater joy.

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