The recipe for happiness

When people come to coaching, it's usually because they're at a crossroads of some sorts. Something in their life isn't working. Some people may be dissatisfied in a particular area, others experience an overall unhappiness that they cannot quite pinpoint. 

Whatever the case may be, everybody has a wish -and a deep-seated hope!- for more happiness. 

Today, I want to share with you the recipe FOR happiness. This is a concept I adapted from Tony Robbins and it is profound, and yet, very simple. 

The recipe for happiness is when your blueprint (your expectations and how you think your life should be) match your reality.

On the flipside, the recipe for unhappiness is when you blueprint does NOT match your reality. 

If you're not happy with your life –or certain areas of your life– you've got a few options: 

1. You can complain, blame others, feel like the victim and do nothing. This is clearly pointless and a waste of time.
2. You can change your blueprint. Here you would take a good look at your expectations and check in with yourself if you expectations are realistic, if they are actually aligned with your true desires (versus what society thinks you should do or have), and how you can change your expectations so you can meet you goals and create the space for yourself to experience a sense of achievement, satisfaction and happiness. 
3. You can take aligned action and move you reality to match your expectations more closely. 

People who are the happiest and most successful, do a combination of #2 and #3. They continuously check in with themselves, adjust and evolve their expectations AND they take positive, mindful, aligned action that leads to results. 

My question for you today is: in what areas of your life are you not happy, not fully satisfied, not complete?

Identify these areas, write down what your expectations are and see how you can change them (even if only slightly) to be in alignment with your truth and so that you can feel motivated by your expectations rather than squished. 

Then, ask yourself: How can I take positive, aligned, sustainable action that will bring my reality closer to how I desire things to be.

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