A fun, sassy summer challenge that has nothing to do with food or thought :)

I shared about this challenge on instagram earlier, but I thought I'd post here too so nobody who is interested misses out.

Here's the gist: Want to do a fun summer challenge with me for the remainder of August that has nothing to do with eating healthier or overhauling your emotional world (you know, the things I usually like to chat about;))?

In essence, I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday afternoon and was like “why the heck do I look so bad?” And no, I wasn’t putting myself down per se, I was just truly questioning my outfit choice 🙈

Here’s a confession: I’m really struggling with the SF summer. All I want is for it to be hot, sunny, and not windy so I can wear cute shorts, flirty summer dresses and sandals without worrying that I’m going to freeze my ass off. The warmer months are when I thrive and feel my best (in typical Leo fashion 😉).

All that to say that, living in SF, I’ve been falling into this rut of wearing the same old clothes -way to often dodgy sweatpants- and pieces that should really be abandoned from my closet. As a result, the “summer weather“ here is taking an even bigger toll on my mood.

SO, here’s my challenge (no matter what kind of weather you live in): for the rest of August, I’m going to make a point to only allow clothes on my body that make me feel really good: comfy with a tad of sass 💃🏼 And btw, that includes bedtime and workouts!

Heres what I did yesterday:

My outfit today... feel my sass?!:)

My outfit today... feel my sass?!:)

1. Went through my closet and pulled out everything that I’m not 100% loving ON MY BODY (sometimes you have stuff in your closet that looks good on the hanger or would be perfect for your friend’s style but doesn’t really make you feel like your most sparking self). Put all that stuff in a bag and put it into your storage (why storage? Because when I tell myself I’m getting rid of stuff I am not radical enough with the sorting out process).

2. Put all the pieces I’m saving for “more special” days to the front of my closet.

Here’s the funny thing: when I put on a cute night dress last night instead of my usual worn out, grey-scale sweatpants, Felix looked at me with big bright eyes 👀 and shrieked: “ OHHH MAMA, SCHÖN (beautiful)!!!” Hahaha omg even Felix has noted my sloppy nighttime style 🙈😂

So today and for the rest of the month I’m challenging myself (and YOU 👋🏻) to make ourselves feel pretty no matter what the weather or mood is and to add some SASS into how we put ourselves together 💪🏼✨

Are you with me? 😃

Share your thoughts, plans and pics in the comments below, or better yet, tag me in your instagram pics @carozwickson.

Let's go!