A Naming Ceremony For Hendrix. Here's what we did.


When I shared about Felix’s naming ceremony 2 years ago I received a bunch of messages from fellow moms asking me what we did for his naming ceremony or what it was, so I thought I’d share:

Neither Raz or I feel strongly tied to any one religion, but we wanted to have a celebration for both of our boys that anchored them into their name and sent them off into their lives with a strong foundation and positive intention. Names carry powerful energy and we chose their names carefully and for specific reasons afterall.

Part 1 of Hendrix's naming ceremony was

celebrated in Sweden with Raz’s (my husband's) family. Part 2 was celebrated in Germany with my family. 

There is no right or wrong way to have a naming ceremony, but here’s what we did:

1. We gathered our families in a circle (being in circle is very powerful).

2. We shared why we chose our children’s names (Felix Gustav Marlow and Hendrix Rasmus Johan), the meaning of their names and their origin, and what we wish for them in their lives as the carriers of their names.

3. We included each family member by giving them a specific, tailored-to-them question and asking them to write a piece of wisdom they had collected in their life. These pieces of wisdom will be collected and turned into a book that will support them in times of challenge and transition in their lives. *This is my favorite part of the naming ceremony because I learned so much from each member of our families!


4. A water ritual where we dipped each of the boys feet into a body of water. For Hendrix’s ceremony, we dipped his feet into the ocean in Sweden and into thermal water from my hometown that comes from more than 1 km underneath the earth.

5. We have a delicious meal together and celebrate our boys amongst loved ones.

In the comments below, let me know: Did you spend a lot of time thinking about your kids’ names and their meaning? Did you pick a family name or just a name you liked? Did you do anything to celebrate the name giving?