Feeling run down? My best health advice.


I shared on instagram the other day that we've been going through a bit of rough patch (mostly, because of our consistent questioning of where we should lay down roots and confusion around where we want to live, but also sleep deprivation). So, rest assured that nearly everyone goes through lows.

However, feeling totally run down is another thing. It feels like this:




Brain fog. 

Feeling weak.

Total exhaustion. 

For some moms, this feeling is constant. For others, it's more like a wave... it comes and goes. 

Here are the two mistakes I see mothers and women (& fathers and men, too) make when they feel totally run down and want to improve their health:

1. they try to do too much too fast, and/or
2. they jump way ahead and try all sorts of fancy things and forget about the basics. 

Here's the thing I want you to know:

When we are in a state of depletion and fatigue, our adrenals are most likely suffering. When that is the case, we need to start slow and stick to the basics of health. Running off to spin class and doing a juice cleanse will only tax your adrenals further.

Your focus needs to be on basic, gentle nourishment that is CONSISTENT. 

Here is what you want to focus on that will nourish your hormones, show your adrenals some love, and help your build up a healthy and resilient foundation. Then you can start doing all the fancy things, superfoods and power-workouts you want.

Let's stop over-complicating things and start with the basics of health instead:

  1. Get better sleep. If your sleep is interrupted, get to bed earlier. Do whatever you can to nap during the day or even just close your eyes for a few moments. 
  2. Cut the sugar, alcohol and coffee. These are your adrenals –and really all of your hormone's– biggest enemy. 
  3. Get fresh air and sunshine every day. 
  4. Drink lots of filtered water.
  5. Take belly breathes. 
  6. Add more vegetable, healthy fat and good quality protein.
  7. Chew well. 
  8. Think positive thoughts. If you catch yourself going down judgement alley, make sure you redirect your thoughts. End your day with a gratitude practice. 
  9. Move your body gently. Walking and stretching is a great start.
  10. Be present with whatever you're doing. Multi-tasking is what causes brain confetti and triggers the feeling of being rushed, not being productive, not doing a good job, and general dissatisfaction. Use a simple mantra like "Here. Now."

You don't need a fancy gym and a private chef to start feeling better again. Yes, support –and especially childcare– helps and if you can get time to yourself, by all means, take it.

But, most importantly, stop waiting and telling yourself that you cannot feel better or improve your health until things that are outside of your immediate control, happen. Focus on what is within your control now.

Where do you want to start? Pick one and start right now. And tell your kids about it (even if they're technically too young to understand... saying it out loud is for you), invite your partner and friends to join you.

These practices are foundational for everyone.