Stop holding back, mom!

I have to tell you something today.

It's been on my mind for a long while. 

I have to tell it to myself, too.


Here is what I mean: I see brilliant women and mothers every day who tell me that they are exhausted, overwhelmed, and unsupported. I've been told on many occasion "I feel empty, like I've got nothing else to give." I've seen women with dark circles under their eyes and tears building up not knowing how everything became so stressful.

Do you see how the rampant lack of support for mothers in our culture along with the notion that self-sacrifice is acceptable if you're trying to give your best, is ruining us?

We're supposed to want to have it all and by doing that, we end up with less.

Less energy.

Less intimacy.

Less connection.

Less joy.

Less selfhood.


Stop silencing your inner voice.

Stop playing small. 

Stop not asking for the support you need from others.

Stop thinking inside the box and take a step outside.

Stop thinking that this -right now- is only temporary and you just have to power through it.

Stop telling yourself that someone else has the answers for you. 

Stop doubting yourself as a mom, as a wife, as a woman, and instead feel into who you really want to be and start BEING that person.

It doesn't have to be a big step. Start small.

Stop beating yourself up for not being enough and see where you are, in fact, more than enough. 

Stop putting your to-do's over connection all.the.damn.time.

Connection with your kids.

Connection with your partner.

Connection with your family, friends and people you love.

Connection with yourself. Oh yourself... she misses you.

And yes, even connection with your work and your hobbies and whatever else brings you joy.

I know your to-do's won't do themselves, but please, take a step back and see how you can create more space for the connections that actually matter in your life. 

STOP HOLDING BACK.... so you can love the way you're meant to. 

Step into a lighter way of being and make one small step at a time to make more space for your life to unfold in a way that you will look back on and feel proud of... like you didn't get stuck in the waiting room... like you didn't hold back.

THIS. This is what we need to role-model to our children more than anything.

I believe in you. 

Tell me in the comments below, where you are holding back? What is draining you? Is it lack of support? Lack of structure? Lack of good food? Lack of balance? Lack of relaxation? Lack of connection? Lack of intimacy? 

And tell me one SMALL thing, you can do today, to step out BIGGER for yourself and the various connections in your life.