How to negotiate an alternative work arrangement with your boss

I am really excited about today's blogpost because it is on a topic I personally don't have very much experience in. Yet I know how many of you working mamas will love and appreciate this advice. 

In today's expert interview I am talking with Krystal Lopilato, an employment lawyer from San Francisco, who is a graduate of my Well Mama program and an incredibly generous resource for those of you who feel that their pre-baby work schedule no longer fits their post-baby needs. 

Krystal is also a mama to a super sweet little girl and a total rockstar at her law firm and I am so excited for you to get her top-notch guidance on how to start negotiating an alternative work arrangement with your boss successfully. 

What you will learn in the interview: 

  • What do we mean by an "alternative work arrangement?"
  • 3 things you need to do to prepare for a successful negotiation.
  • What you must know for when you have the actual talk with your boss.
  • What to do if it all fails.

After our interview was over, Krystal and I stayed on the line for a bit longer and something that we both agreed on is the importance of using and trusting your intuition when choosing your work place. 

Your work has to fit in with your life and while of course, you have to be smart about making career shifts and job changes, ultimately you have control over making these decisions for yourself and your family. 

In the comments below, let me know: Are you currently happy with your work arrangement and your work-life balance? Does it work -or not work- for your family? What are your take-away messages from this interview.