Have you found your rhythm as a mom?


It's Tuesday today and that means I have lots of time with Hendrix... kissing, smooching, bouncing, nursing, singing, balancing, almost crawling and napping (hopefully longer than 30 minutes at a time, so I can finish this post... I have some exciting news to share with you at the bottom, so keep reading;)). 

Over the last months, I have been spending a lot of time trying to find my rhythm with two little ones while keeping my business afloat, staying engaged in my marriage and carving out time for self-care.

And I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it's really tricky.  

It's easy to feel like work is falling behind and being a mom is taking over, or vice versa, that work is on the forefront of my mind and I am not present with my kids or my husband even when I am with them. Ugh, I hate that feeling.

That's why finding a rhythm that fits your unique family is so important.

Otherwise you feel like you are re-inventing every.single.day from scratch. And as a result, you are constantly scrambling, rushing, fitting in things last minute or feeling like you have total brain confetti.

I certainly know what it feels like to feel like you are all over the place. It's the least fulfilling place I can think of. 

The mental load of motherhood gets crazy heavy when there is no rhythm, or, when you are trying to fit into the wrong rhythm. 

Here is how I define finding the right rhythm: 

A particular pattern that you can follow that allows you to float through life with ease, where you know what to expect and are happy with the outcome of how each day organically unfolds. Being in the right rhythm feels like the opposite of struggle, pressure and lack of time.

Finding the right rhythm that fits me as a mother also means that this rhythm has to be able to adjust to the ebbs and flows of the innate unpredictability of having young children whose needs evolve (sometimes faster than you can blink) and change constantly. 

Here is the truth: 

Finding this rhythm -and living in it- can be really hard to do on your own, because as moms we often lack community, support, accountability, cheering on when things are rough, solid advice and compassionate guidance from people who we trust and who get our unique situation. 

One of the biggest challenges that come up for my private mama clients and for the women in my Well Mama program is the fact that many of us have a really difficult time with feeling isolated, trusting our own instincts, finding a community of like-minded moms who are there to lift up our often raw and fragile souls, and an accountability/ creative thinking system that supports us in getting to the next stage of our own growth as mothers; as women!

My biggest goal as a coach is to support my fellow mothers in creating incredible lives for themselves and their families, which includes excellent health AND a positive, empowered outlook on life.

Developing the right rhythm and feeling into what that looks like for each mama as well as building a community that is there to support her is a key aspect of what we moms need. 

That is why I am finally doing something that I dreamt up after my pregnancy with Felix: I am launching small, intimate group coaching circles for moms (5 women in each group max). You can learn all about them and submit an application right here.

These virtual circles are a place for us to connect mindfully, celebrate our wins, get support with our challenges, learn from one another, and step up confidently to create the lives we truly want to live. 

In each of our coaching calls, each woman is free to use her time on whatever topic is most pressing and relevant to her, including struggles in motherhood, her relationship/ marriage, her career, her loss of self, her family of origin, her spirituality, her hormones, her health (or lack thereof), to name a few. 

I personally will be on each call with you, setting the frame, guiding us into each session with a mindfulness exercise, and offering personal coaching to each woman. I cannot wait for these circles to start.

I know how beyond powerful and transformative these circles will be.

You can read all the details and submit an application here.

*Note: Submitting an application will not guarantee you a spot and no payments will be collected until all the groups are formed and I have your definite "Yes!" So if this is something that sounds good and you want to explore it more deeply, fill out an application asap. Groups are starting in March.

With love,