Are you caught in a pattern that depletes you?

Ask yourself: Am I stuck in a pattern of…

  • negative thinking

  • low confidence around your body

  • confusion around your work or maybe if you want to be a SAHM 

  • picking fights/ bickering with people you actually love

  • bad food choices 

  • too much caffeine, alcohol or sugar

  • not getting enough sleep

  • seeing what isn’t working instead of what is

  • putting yourself last

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all a product of our patterns.
Our patterns –negative or positive– are our rituals.
Many of these rituals are unconscious.

For ex.: Having a gratitude or exercise practice is just as much a ritual as the chocolate/ cookies/ ice-cream after dinner, the blood-sugar crash in the afternoon or not making time for yourself when you really need it.

Do you see what I mean?

So, with this in mind, be honest, what are your current patterns? What are your conscious and unconscious rituals that are running your daily life and are therefore determining the overall quality of your life, the possibilities in your future, your health, your relationships?

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With love,