Do you want to make more time for YOU? Here's how.

I recently came across a quote by Iain Thomas on instagram that read: 

"And every day, the world will
drag you by the hand, yelling, 
"This is important. And this is
important! And this is important!
You need to worry about this! 
And this! And this!
And each day, it's up to you to
yank your hand back, put it on
your heart and say, "No. This is
what's important."

One of the biggest struggles I know moms -and really most women- face is making enough time for themselves.

I know that struggle to my core. 

It's so easy for me to make everyone come before me (especially those I love) and to think of a million tasks and to-do's I just want to "squeeze in really quick" before I take care of me.

This year one of my biggest goals is to stop this pattern even more, put my hand on my heart and remember ME. 

If you are with me on that, here is something I want to share with you to help you make this happen: 
Nobody will give you an extra hour to take care of you. If you make more space for you, it means you have less space for something else.

Sometimes that "something else" is the TV and sometimes that "something else" is your should voice that is making you believe that something is important and deserves to be on your priority list when in reality it doesn't belong there. 

So my challenge for you today is simple: Take a look at your day and decide what you can cut out, what doesn't energize you, what is not aligned with your truth, what you can delegate to someone else, what you can get support on and begin TODAY -right NOW- to make space for you. Start with 15 minutes a day and begin to carve out more piece by piece. 

If this feel overwhelming to you and your instant response is: I cannot cut out anything, I want to ask you: What is going to happen if you continue to not make space for yourself? Who will you become if you have no time for YOU? What kind of woman, mom, wife... will you be if you put yourself last? What will your life look and feel like if you cannot fuel your own cup? 

Sending you love, time & space.