Motherhood Spotlight with Anna Goldstein: 5 lessons I want to teach my son (that are not taught in school)


Last week I shared this picture of me and Felix on instagram saying "Just 30 minutes ago I wished for 10 nannies to help me with my 2 children and now I'm so happy it's just us. The emotional rollercoaster of motherhood is real."

The reason motherhood is such an emotional job is because we care so much about our children and who they are becoming.

My kids are my greatest teachers because they have taught me more about love than I ever thought possible AND, at the same time, more about my limits than anyone ever before.

For me, it's a constant questioning between where do I surrender, let them go, or leave them to find something out on their own AND where do I intervene, set boundaries, guide or teach? How can I help them to be happy and stay connected to themselves? How can I help them to lead interesting, fulfilling lives? How can I teach them tools to embark on life in a curious and confident yet mindful and thoughtful way? What do I need for myself as their mom in order to support them in this quest? The list goes on with each of our own individual desires, hopes and dreams for these little beings who mean more to us than we ever thought possible.

These questions and our quest to answer them as a parent can be quite overwhelming, which is why I am so happy to introduce you to my good mama friend Anna Goldstein in today's Motherhood Spotlight. Anna, a lifecoach who has years of experience cultivating a strong mindset herself as a national ranked tennis player, is sharing 5 simple practices she uses with her son.

How I know Anna: 

Anna and I met when we lived in Williamsburg in NYC and were both life-coaching. We would meet up during the day in between client meetings and talk about our businesses and different life challenges we had been faced with. That is when I realized how deeply genuine and insightful Anna is in the way she listens. I would say one thing and she would ask me these super clever questions that brought me to a whole new level of understanding about myself. I had so many AHA's during our walks and always came home wanting to journal my brains out ;)

Then, Anna became pregnant with her beautiful son Evan and, three months later, I followed her growing belly with a growing belly on my own. We walked our pregnant selves around the neighborhood, and soon our boys Evan and Felix joined. There is barely anything that brings you closer than going through pregnancy, birth and the initial steps in motherhood together, and I am beyond grateful that I had Anna next to me during that time. I know you will love her post "5 Lessons I want to Teach my Son (that are not taught in school)" below.

In the comments, let us know what special lessons you are or want to teach your kids in the future to help them be happy people leading fulfilling lives.




5 Lessons I want to Teach my Son (that are not taught in school)

by Anna Goldstein

Often in school we are taught to learn and study important information and facts about various subjects. But there is little attention on self-understanding and how to improve your thoughts and your inner state of being. 

I spent many years after college feeling lost, confused and unsure of what to do with my life. It wasn't until I stumbled upon personal development books that I begin to understand myself and gain mindset skills and techniques to improve my life. 

I want to teach my son the following lessons because they have had a profound impact in my own happiness and life.

Anna and Evan.JPG

1. Gratitude.

I want my son to understand the mental and emotional benefits of giving thanks on a daily basis. I want to give him the gift of a gratitude practice by reciting things he is grateful for before bed. I believe that developing this practice at a young age will have short-term and long term benefits.

2. Affirmations.

His subconscious mind is a memory that stores everything. By saying affirmations, it is like planting seeds in his mind. Some affirmations we say are, "I can do anything." "I am creative and resourceful." "I follow my intuition.” 

3. Follow your heart.

I have been asking him where his heart is and he says, "right here" and points to the center of his chest. I want him to begin building an understanding for how to stay connected with his heart. 

4. It's okay to fail.

I want to reward him for trying things even if they don't work out the way he had hoped. I plan to ask, "What did you fail at this week" and reward his efforts. I want him to learn to go for things and to not let fear stop him.

5. Community/contribution.

I want my son to feel a part of something greater than himself. Together we will volunteer and help those in need, so he can experience and see that his efforts and his work can make a difference in other people's lives. .

Overall what's really important to me is that I teach him how to direct his mind. How to create positive thoughts, to think outside the box, and to contribute to society in a meaningful way. 

Our minds are the most powerful tool, and when we understand how to use it we can improve the quality of our lives tremendously. 

Many Blessings,


About Anna: 

Anna Goldstein is an NYU Certified Coach. Anna earned her BA in Psychology at Penn State University where she also played on the Division 1 Varsity Tennis Team.

As a student of psychology, new age thinking, meditation, Buddhist philosophy and yoga, Anna integrates these practices in her coaching style. 

She is the host of the podcast, Profit with Purpose, where she Interviews entrepreneurs and change-makers who are making money doing what they love. 

Anna has been featured in Time Out New York, Shape Magazine,, Martha Stewart Radio, Fox5, MTV, The New York Observer and Huffington Post.