Motherhood Spotlight with Aki Raymer: Parenting in Partnership. What partners need to know to stay connected and parent as a team. '

When I was in graduate school for my M.A. in Counseling Psychology, my favorite class was on family dynamics and learning about how the patterns that live in our families of origin impact all of our future relationship, including of course our marriages and the way we raise our children.

My husband and I discovered some incredible insights into who each of us are, how we show up and how we deal with stressful times by looking into our pasts and unraveling the dynamics in which we grew up.

Understanding our family dynamics and our unconscious response patterns (especially in stressful times -hello parenting!) has helped us enormously in the way we now parent our boys as a connected unit and how we stay on the same page... or sometimes, return to the same page;) 

I feel beyond grateful that my husband and I have done some of this "work" because if I know one thing as a mom, it is this: doing the whole parenting thing WITH your partner is so much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, it will keep up the connection and love with the man/ woman you married rather than feeling like you are losing each other.

In fact, I think this is so important that I spend one whole entire module in Well Mama on helping couples build a strong partnership for themselves and their families AND why I am so excited to bring you today's Motherhood Spotlight: Meet Aki Raymer, founder of Parenting Paths. 

How I know Aki:

Aki and I are new friends. We met through a fantastic mama group here in San Francisco called Main Street Mamas and I immediately adored her beautiful energy. Plus, of course, when I found out what she does, I wanted to invite her for a 5 hour walk and pick her brain on all my parenting questions, especially now that I am busy with my two boys. Let me tell you that Aki is a total gem and has sleeves full of incredible parenting advice. What so deeply resonates with me is that Aki is all about giving you tools and insights into how to approach parenting from a gentle perspective that focuses on creating alignment and harmony between everyone in the house. What's better than that?

Today, I am honored to introduce you to Aki and her approach to parenting in partnership: What partners need to know to stay connected and parent as a team. Watch the video and leave a comment below sharing your thoughts!

About Aki:

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Aki Raymer, MA is committed to empowering parents so that they can stop nagging and yelling and second-guessing themselves and start living a more confident, connected and joyful family life. As a coach, speaker, Infant Mental Health specialist, and certified Positive Discipline educator, Aki has worked with families, schools, and children for over a decade. Along with becoming a parent, Aki counts begin donned “Aki-wan Kenobi” by a client as one of her proudest moments. Connect with Aki, and sign up for her free parenting series at: