How can living with the cycles of the moon bring more ease & calmness into your life?

Have you ever wondered what everyone is talking about with "tuning into the moon"? 

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like there has been a significant increase in the last year in women especially being interested in connecting with nature, the earth, the elements, and yes, the moon. 

I believe that the reason for that is because life is becoming ever more busy and technology allows (and sometimes forces) us to move faster each day. As a result, people feel more rushed and less rested, they get sick more often, and they feel less connected to themselves and the immediate experience of their very own existence.

From working with women, busy mamas, and couples who are trying to conceive on a very intimate basis, I know that there is a deep desire in the western woman to feel more grounded and connected to herself as well as to foster a more spiritual existence that will help her release anxiety, worry, and overwhelm while creating more trust and faith. 

Here is what I have observed:

As women in particular we are cyclical beings.

For example, our hormones fluctuate throughout the month depending on where we are in our menstrual cycles. As a result, our mood, our body's physical predisposition and needs, and our strengths fluctuate as well. 

My own journey with the moon started like this: 

I first started being interested in the cycles of the moon when my period went missing for many many months after coming off the birth control pill. I used the cycles of the moon to nourish myself differently (including specific herbs) to align my menstrual cycle with the moon cycle and support it in coming back healthfully.

Connecting with the moon was an extremely empowering experience, especially during a time when I felt like my body was out of control and broken.

My cycle returned and, as you know, my hopes for getting pregnant after my husband and I got married led to Felix (and in a few short weeks from now, his little brother will join us ;)). 

Healing my body and getting in touch with the cyclical nature of our existence as women (whether it be through the moon or our menstrual cycles or both) has been such a grounding and connecting experience for me, because I no longer expect myself or my body to feel the same throughout the month. Rather I know that I will naturally feel differently depending on what part of the cycle I am in. 

My body and my soul NEED different kinds of nourishment.

Honoring that and finding the strengths in each phase has been nothing short of life-changing.  

I today's interview the phenomenal Ezzie Spencer will share with you the basics you need to know about the moon and how living with the cycles of the moon can bring more ease & calmness into your life. 

You can listen to the interview here:  

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About Ezzie:

Dr Ezzie Spencer is a published author, book writing mentor, and creator of Lunar Abundance®. She is the host of an iTunes podcast, and the author of a book on how to work with the moon cycles to cultivate joy, peace, and purpose. Ezzie trained as a lawyer and has experience in government, research, and nonprofit sectors. With a PhD on women’s wellbeing and justice after violence, Ezzie cares about and works to further women’s emotional wellbeing. Her concept, Lunar Abundance®, marries intellect with intuition and has reaped results for many women, through one-to-one coaching sessions and the support of a flourishing online community at and @lunarabundance

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