Your questions about Well Mama answered

A quick reminder that enrollment for Well Mama closes TONIGHT, so if you've been thinking about coming along and learning how to take excellent care of your body and your hormones as a mom, and get top notch expertise on how to take charge of your life and your relationship as parents, then come on over and get your spot here

There are 4 questions that many of you seem to wonder about that are keeping you from signing up for Well Mama, so let me answer them for you here: 


1. Is Well Mama designed for moms who have babies 0-9 months, or is it also valuable for moms of babies over 1 year old?

Well Mama is designed for a. pregnant women who want to be extra well prepared for new mamahood, and b. moms at any stage who feel like they want specific advice for how to take excellent care of their bodies, including their hormones, their reproductive system and tissue/skin, as well as their emotional wellbeing through optimal nutrition. 

The first part of the Well Mama course focuses on showing you exactly for how you can feel INCREDIBLE IN YOUR BODY. 

The second part of the course focuses on guiding your through specific tools for how you can take CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE AS A MOM, WIFE, and WOMAN, so that you can feel grounded, balanced and centered in your life as a mom (& still have a ton of fun!)

2. What if I go on vacation and have to miss a week?

No problem. Everything I share in Well Mama will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to all the materials, handouts, the cookbook and shopping lists as well as all the audio & video recordings!

This course is designed so that you can go at your own pace; make use of what you need now and re-access the modules and topics you may need at a later point, when you are ready. 

3. I’m scared to commit to an 8 week program and not being able to follow through.

I know how you feel and as a mom myself, I created this program specifically for women like you who I know have little time to spare. Here is what I want you to know:

  • The course is 100% online, meaning you can listen to all the audios and videos on your own time at your own pace (for ex. during your commute, while breastfeeding, making dinner, while your LO sleeps etc...)
  • You have lifetime access to all the resources, hormone balancing guides, nutrition handouts, shopping lists, the Well Mama Cookbook, time-saving tips, exercises and tools, so there is no rush.
  • I'll personally be there through all the modules and will be available for all of your questions throughout the whole program to make sure you get all the support you can possibly imagine. 

4. I am hesitant to spend the money. How can I be sure that I am not just buying something that I won't benefit from?

This is a great question. I am a huge advocate for spending your money wisely and with intention. What I have learned over the years of being in the wellness and women's health world is that yes, there are a lot of programs out there that are a bit of a scam or give you very little for your money.

However, I can guarantee you that Well Mama is different! It is a carefully crafted course that draws on a multitude of philosophies and trainings I have acquired, practiced myself, and taught to women everywhere over the course of many years. (I have had the privilege to study with incredible teachers and mentors and have immersed myself deeply into topics including women's hormonal and reproductive health, positive psychology, depth psychology, dreamwork, family dynamics, child development, and the human individuation process.)

I draw on all of these different philosophies to present you with a course that is full of hands-on, easy to implement action steps for how to take care of your body as well as profound realizations for how you can truly create the life you desire for yourself and your family!

I promise you that you will not be disappointed. That's why I have a 100% money back guarantee, meaning that If you go through the course and get nothing out of it by the end, I will give you your money back 100%.

How does that sound? 

I hope to see you in Well Mama. Again, enrollment closes tonight, so don't miss it. 



PS: Do you still have questions? Want to connect with me in person? Email me at and let's connect! I really don't want you to miss this just because you had some more personal questions that were left unanswered.