The biggest announcement before baby #2 arrives... I am so excited about this!

I have a super special announcement to share with you today... I feel giddy and excited and to be honest, I still cannot believe that this is actually coming together before my second baby boy is joining us in June. 

Today, I am announcing that my brand new group program called Well Mama is live and open for enrollment. 

Well Mama is an easy-to-use, beautifully crafted, 8-week online group program for pregnant women and new moms who want to flourish physically, emotionally, and spiritually in motherhood and in life! 

To tell you the truth: Well Mama is all I have been dreaming about, thinking about, manifesting and desiring to create for the last year and it is finally here :)

Check out my Well Mama video here:

The video will also give you a feeling for how I personally coach, teach and guide women through this 8-week transformative experience.

Personally, I always learn better from people who I feel energetically aligned with and I want to make sure that not only the content I teach is a fit for you but that I am a personal match with you as well. 

And, here is a full disclaimer:
It's important to me that every woman who joins Well Mama will LOVE her experience and will get her money back a million fold in value.

I am well aware that seeing those words "online group program" could bring up little voices for you that say: 

Anything like this has got to be expensive...

I don't have time for a program, I barely have time to shower...

My family is more important right now, I can do this later...

I hear you. And if those voices are keeping you from watching this video, then let me speak right to them because, as a fellow busy mom, I created this program with YOU in mind. 

Well Mama is packed full of

  • simple guides that allow you to incorporate what I teach easily into your days
  • short audio lecture that you can listen to on the go, while nursing, cooking, commuting...
  • fun, short videos guiding you through the Well Mama Cookbook, shopping lists and more
  • impactful exercises that will ground you and create clarity and purpose in your life; serving your whole family
  • short guided relaxations and visualizations that will make you feel calm and amazing in your body
  • an incredible community of other mamas you will adore
  • ... and so much more.

And, Well Mama is super affordable. Why? Because I know how hard it can feel as a mom to spend money on yourself. 

Trust me when I say that Well Mama will be massively impactful for your entire family, because if you feel healthy, happy, calm and grounded, your family will, too!

Check out the video, learn more about Well Mama, and, if you feel resonance, join us here.

Sending you lots of love!


PS: Not pregnant or a mom yourself, share this post with your friends and family who are in that phase of life. They will love you for it!