What I really crave now more than ever (that I used to deny myself)

Want to know what I have always craved in my life? 

It's not more money, or nicer clothes, or a perfect house with the white fence... 

I crave ease and lightness. 

And, as a working mom who's pregnant with #2, I crave this feeling more than ever. 

The funny thing is: before having kids, being married and running my own business, I used to deny myself ease and lightness because I believed that unless I operated with discipline, willpower, and force, nothing would get done. Or worse... others would see me as lazy, unambitious, or a failure. 

I made ease and lightness WAIT until all my work was done.

The problem was that my work wasn't ever done, the goal was never perfected, I was never doing enough.

I held myself in an invisible prison where I told myself that I couldn't feel ease and still be ambitious. I couldn't feel light and still be disciplined. I was wrong.

In my mind, my inner desires couldn't co-exist with my outward ambitions. If I felt stress-free, I was clearly not working hard enough. And to be honest, I believe that in our society there also exists this [false] idea that those who are suffering, exhausted, tired, and overly busy are deemed important, needed and wanted. 

When did exhaustion become so acceptable?

Through deep inner work and connection to myself and my desires, I've been able to untangle these confusing and contradictory beliefs that kept me in the hamster wheel. Now I consciously choose ease and lightness without guilt...most of the time.

The pressure to do-do-do before you get to rest, relax, and take care of yourself is weighing heavily on your busy shoulders, isn't it?

So, I want to tell you: it is in your hands what you prioritize, how you go about creating your life, how you react to things that are within your control and how you surrender to the things that aren't. 

If you want more ease and lightness, it is in YOUR hands to create the space for it.

If you want more energy and positivity in your life, it is up to YOU to make the changes you need to make. 

In other words: STOP WAITING until all your obligations are done in order to live the life you are craving. 

If you are a mom (or are currently waiting for baby), I invite you to join my FREE 5-day Happy Healthy Mama Challenge that starts this coming Monday, March 20th.

It's going to be so much fun and I promise that I am keeping everything very simple, easy and joyful so that every mama—no matter how busy—can follow along. 

I know that small shifts can make a big difference, and I want to show you how easy it can be.