I bathed in milk. True story :) Here's how that happened & the lesson from it.

When I was around 9 or 10 years old, I learned about Cleopatra in school. I vividly remember hearing that she bathed in milk and thinking how luxurious that sounded.

Naturally I went home that day, collected all the milk in the fridge and prepared a bath. You can imagine our housekeeper's/ babysitter's facial expression (she had a strong, Bavarian temperament) when she walked into the bathroom while I was emptying milk bottle #3. I then simply explained to her that this is what Cleopatra did, and that I thought I should deserve the same haha... my poor parents.

When I think about this story as an adult, I 1. chuckle to myself, and 2. seriously wonder when I stopped honoring my body in that way. Considering that I have had two pregnancies and births, I should be bathing in organic, grass-fed cream every day :)

On a more serious note though, let's talk about this: How do you honor your body?
Is it something you actively do?
Is is even something you have thought about lately -or ever?
How would your life be different - how differently would you FEEL- if you lived in deep honorship and celebration of your body? 
Would you be more mindful of your energy? 
Would you do more things to fuel yourself up again? 
Would you have better boundaries and say NO to more things? 
Would you slow down?
Would you pay more attention to enjoying the little things and less attention to whatever or whoever is draining your energy? 

Here is something I have learned over the years: Honoring ourselves, celebrating our bodies, cherishing all that we do is so crucial particularly for the feminine spirit! This is at the epicenter of what I believe women mean when we say that we need to "fill our own cup."

>> When we live in self-honorship and celebration, we know our boundaries and can act on them.
>> We know what we need and aren't afraid to ask for the support we deserve.
>> We are in communication with others and fueled by positivity so we can find productive solutions to our challenges.
>> We are in touch with our intuition and can listen to it because there is enough quiet in our life to actually hear our inner guiding voice.

And while you don't have to bathe in milk (although if that excites you, by all means go for it;)), you do have to recognize that you want to make a shift.

You do have to realize that treating yourself like an afterthought is not sustainable -especially if you are a mama and want to raise children who know how to fill their own cup!

And you do have to be willing to open up your heart and soul to embrace a new way of doing YOU. 

If you are reading this and every cell of your body is screaming "hell yeah, that's me. I need this!" or if there is just a quiet glimmer in your heart or lower belly (the center of your intuition) yearning for more self-honorship and a fuller cup for yourself, then I want to invite you to join Well Mama.

We spend a whole module talking about self-honorship and I share with you things like:

  • What so many women do that is creating disconnection and disharmony in their bodies and lives

  • Why honoring your body the best starting point to creating a loving relationship with yourself and your life, and the

  • 5 steps to honoring your body and fundamentally change the way you live in your own body

I don't want you to miss this, so feel into yourself and take the leap with us into a 2018 where taking care of YOU is your new normal (because you know that if you are truly well, everyone else will win, too).

Enrollment closes on December 19th (next Tuesday!) and Well Mama starts on January 21st. Oh and if you are hesitating because you will be traveling or unavailable during some of that time, please don't worry. Everything is designed with busy mamas in mind and there are easy ways for you to catch up well beyond the conclusion of the program.

Join us here. Your mama soul will thank you for it later.


PS: Personal questions or concerns? Email me at caroline@carolinezwickson.com and let's chat. I want to make sure this program is really right for you.