A story about balls. You're welcome ;)

Ahhh, so you wanna hear a story about balls, don’t you?! ;) Well, here we go!

My husband's friend told him this story a few months ago, and I think about it almost daily—especially when I feel like there isn't enough time in the day (aka. always).

In life, we're always juggling. We have obligations tugging at us, pulling us our emotions and our energy in different directions, often causing stress.

What we have to realize is that not all of the balls that we are juggling are made of the same material. Some balls are made of rubber, and some balls are made of crystal.

Family, love, and health are crystal balls. We have to be careful not to drop them because they are difficult to repair, and sometimes not repairable at all.

Work, however, is made of rubber balls. If you drop one, it'll bounce back somehow. You lose a job, you get a job. You make a bad deal, you make a good deal.

Do you see the difference?

There is so much value in this story because it helps to visually show a pathway through overwhelm and stress. Getting clear on your priorities and determining the consistency of the balls you're juggling are key—so that you can focus on not dropping—and shattering—your crystal balls.

Your relationships, your marriage, your family, your own health and happiness are delicate elements of what turn your life from mediocre, stressed or passive to alive, vibrant and deeply fulfilling.

Now, as a fellow mom, I know how difficult it is to juggle these different obligations.

I know how exhausting it can be to do all the mental work of running a household (for many of you, in addition to having a full or part-time job), how demanding it is to be emotionally (and physically) available for your partner and your kids, and still nourish yourself well.

It's just so easy to put yourself last and start running on empty, isn't it?

It might be okay to "push through" for a few days or even weeks, but when you do this for months and years, you will end up feeling totally estranged from YOU—the woman behind the mom!

So many moms have told me “I don’t even know who I am anymore!" or "I have no idea what I would do if I had time to myself.”

I've been there! And it made me feel really empty, like I had no substance or passion and was drained to my core.

And when I realized that that is how I felt, I began to deeply miss ME and I knew I had to go and find myself as the woman I was now that I was also a mom. 

If you have ever felt like that I want to invite you to join Well Mama, my health and life coaching for moms who want to be able to focus on the crystal balls in their life with the utmost care, devotion and love.

Well Mama is for women who want to feel abundant with energy, re-create a sense of balance and calmness, take charge of their health, feel close and connected to their spouse AND feel alive in their own identity as a whole woman.

As you know, my core message to the world of families is: when mom is doing well, the whole family wins!

You cannot love and nurture from a place of depletion and emptiness, so let’s fill your cup mama, so you can actively create an epically amazing life for yourself and for your family!

Enrollment for Well Mama is open until December 19th and the course will start on January 21st (to give you enough time to recover from the holidays so you can really focus on YOU in 2018).

Get all the details about Well Mama and join us here!



PS: If you sign up by December 12th (tomorrow), you will get a very special gift sent directly to your home: a hardcopy of the Well Mama Cookbook (see a photo below), so don't wait, love!