Do you know that you need to take better care of yourself...but you just aren’t doing it?

Well Mama Circle.png

Last Saturday, I hosted my first in-person Well Mama Circle at my home in SF. Well Mama Circle was created to be a place for moms to meet, be, play, celebrate each other and set loving intentions and personal goals for how to be truly WELL as a WHOLE WOMAN. We also engaged and played with Goddess Cards to gain some greater insight into what we need to know in order to move forward into a healthier, more balanced and trusting place in our lives as moms.

It was an absolutely magical evening and I am in pure awe of the openness, vulnerability, love and raw-ness that each of the moms showed up with that night. 

So here is my question for you:

Do you know that you need to take better care of yourself...but you just aren’t doing it?

Maybe you don’t know where to start.
Maybe you feel overwhelmed.
Maybe you tell yourself that you are too busy.

You theoretically know that you are letting your physical and emotional health fall to the wayside, while you put everyone else ahead of you.

And, you probably don’t feel good about it, because you know better.
Something needs to change, but how, where and when?

Let’s be real: if your health suffers and you continue to put yourself last, what kind of mom can you really be? What kind of example are you really setting?

I am not asking this in an accusing way, but more so as a reality check. We all need one from time to time (myself included) ;)

I know that if I spend too much time with me at the bottom of my priority list—I am not the kind of woman I want to be—in ANY area of my life.

I get cranky.
I overeat.
I get irritated with things that I can usually laugh off easily.
I get teary-eyed much faster.
I doubt myself more often.
I withdraw from my husband… the list goes on.

Can you relate?

If your answer is YES, I have something super special coming up for you in December. My Well Mama program is opening its doors for the second time, and it’s better than ever!

Well Mama is my super affordable and very do-able, group health & life coaching program for moms. If you want to take excellent care of your health & your hormones while reviving and re-connecting with the woman behind the mom (& as a result stay connected to your partner), keep reading mama—this is for you.

I am intentionally opening enrollment in December, so that you can ask your loved ones for the program as a gift, or even better gift it to yourself! While the course doesn’t begin until after the new year on —January 21st— you can finish the busy holiday season and then we can jump into 2018, together.

If you’re feeling the pull to know more, leave your name and email here and you will be the first to get all the details in December (and all the amazing bonuses we’ve got lined up—yay!).

Here are some of the reasons why I created Well Mama in the first place, and why it’s for you:

1. When I became a mom, I knew my life would change. But, I had no idea that every single detail in my life would shift. I felt more vulnerable than ever before.

There I was looking at my precious son and wanting to do everything right.
I wanted to be a patient, loving mom who did everything she could for her kids, but also still had a vibrant social life, fun nights with her girlfriends, and romance! (gosh—I wanted to keep up the candle light).
I wanted time to myself to play, paint, write, and exercise…

Well, the reality of being a mom looked really different. While I felt like I was doing my mom job well, I felt like I was losing myself and I needed a community of REAL moms to talk to.

Well Mama is a community of open-minded, unconditionally supportive and knowledgeable moms who are ready to take their health and their life back into their own hands while being their real, imperfect, and loving selves.

2. I believe that all women should have access to top notch information and tools that can help their physical and emotional health (not just the ones who can afford high-cost private coaching).

Well Mama gives you top-quality knowledge, skills and practices for you to put to use so that you can BE the fierce woman you know you are. Well Mama is not about perfecting your life, it is about taking ownership of your health and your life as a WHOLE WOMAN—for you and your family.

3. One of my biggest beliefs is that health doesn’t exist unilaterally. Rather, true health must take the physical and the emotional into consideration.

When I was looking at programs or meet-ups for moms, I could only find ones that would either focus on the physical or the emotional stuff, but never together.

Well Mama marries health and life coaching and combines all the best tools to create physical—and especially hormonal—health and emotional well-being. Through Well Mama, I want to help moms feel amazing in their beautiful bodies AND feel like total badasses because they stand confidently in their own identity, marriage and life.

Come join us in January, mama. Click here to add yourself to the Well Mama interest list and be the first to know about when enrollment opens in December.