10 Tools New Parents Can Use To Fall Back In Love

So excited to be featured on MingBodyGreen with a post for all new mamas: 10 Tools New Parents Can Use To Fall Back In Love

My husband and I recently had lunch with some fellow parent friends of ours talking about life with kids and how it has changed things for us, when our friend said, "So many of my friends hate their husbands since they had kids."

I was deeply struck by what she said, but if I was honest, when I began thinking of my clients and friends who recently had kids (as well as my own marriage), they almost all went through a readjustment period in their relationship. And for some, this readjustment period was extremely difficult.

As an eternal optimist, light seeker, and kids lover, I want to believe so badly that having babies and raising children can only make your relationship stronger and better. Isn't it the best thing in the world? The most important job? The most fulfilling task? How can it negatively affect your relationship to the person you started all that with?

But, as a coach to new moms, I know better: The pressures on new moms is enormous. Not only is your body supposed to "bounce back" and look like you never had a baby, but you are also supposed to love motherhood all.the.time. and without complaint. Your family is supposed to be complete now and your partner and you closer than ever.

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