Does money stress you out (no matter if you have plenty or are deep in debt)?

Why am I writing to you about money today? Aren't we supposed to talk about health, happiness, hormones, fertility, pregnancy, motherhood? 

What's going on?

Here is why: As a women's health & life coach I help my clients create hormonal and emotional harmony so that they can create whatever it is they want.

The concept of fertility, in my definition, reaches far beyond the quality of our eggs, and way into the depth of your existence. Leading a FERTILE LIFE means living a life in physical vibrancy and emotional resilience as well as in happy relationships, equipped with a positive self-image, and leading an empowered, value-based lifestyle.

When we get to a place of leading a fertile life, we are not only literally boosting our physical fertility, but we also become the woman, the wife, the entrepreneur, and the mom who we've always wanted to be. 

The reason money is such an important topic to talk about here is because fear of money ("Will I ever make enough?"), negative thinking around money ("Money makes people selfish") and guilt about money ("I am a financial burden to others"), adds massive stress to so many women's lives.

Money worries keep women running in a hamster wheel, which is the perfect recipe for adrenal fatigue, fertility problems, and total overwhelm especially when kids come into the picture. 

Over the years, I've worked with hundreds of women who felt majorly stuck and stressed out about money.

They worked more and harder, sacrificed their own well-being in the pursuit for a bigger bank account, and damaged or neglected many of the relationships to people they loved deeply.  

In fact, can you guess what the two things are that marriages fight over the most? Yup: children and money. And I dare say that once children are in the picture, money often becomes an even tenser topic in many families.  

Personally, I've struggled with my relationship to money because I was deeply afraid of money. I hated to look at my bank account and felt for a very long time that no matter how much I make, it wasn't good enough. I beat myself up over money and as a result, felt guilt when I spent anything on myself. At the same time, I also was afraid of being too successful because I didn't want to overcommit and get myself into a position I couldn't handle. 

I was all up in my head and had totally contradictory fears that kept me stuck in a very uncomfortable place. 

It took me a few years to get over the belief that money determined my worth as a woman. And to be honest, I am still working on not equating my financial success with my personal worth, which was tough when I had Felix and took some months off to attend to him. 

I had to majorly reframe how I looked at money, how I talked and thought about money, and I had to realize that, for me, creating an abundant, joyful life didn't mean making millions. Abundance, for me, is a result from living in alignment with my core values. 

Engraining this into my core became my daily practice and it has helped me tremendously to take a more feminine approach to creating abundance in my life instead of chasing money.

As a result, I've been able to not only feel more relaxed, experience honest self-worth that isn't solely tied to things I do, but to who I am, AND create a successful, thriving business I love. 

If you can resonate with some of the things I am describing from my own experience, I would love to introduce you to my dear friend Leanne Jacobs, who recently published her second book called Beautiful Money, which is all about teaching women a more feminine approach to their finances and creating money.

I am currently reading (actually, devouring) her book and I literally cannot put my pen down (I am an underlining kind a girl;)).

This is the book that I will be recommended to all my clients who are struggling with money in any capacity, because Beautiful Money simply suggests such a unique and different way of thinking about money. 

Leanne is an internationally recognized holistic wealth expert who helps clients around the world cultivate the daily habits that lead to optimal wealth and wellbeing. Leanne’s work is about teaching clients how to create wealth in an authentic, joyful and mindful way. She teaches clients how to become their own lifestyle architect and begin creating their greatest life. Leanne’s philosophy is that true wealth is an inside job, which is why she focuses on inside-out wealth creation strategies. She believes that authenticity, self-esteem, and heart-centered living are often untapped wealth magnets. She helps clients transform (or subtlety shift) their inner landscape to align with joy, prosperity and their greatest desires. She helps clients create the clarity, focus and persistence required to create Beautiful Money.

What baffles me is that Leanne is also a mom of FOUR precious kiddos and she manages her life with such grace and beauty. Over the years I have learned to only take advice from people who truly walk their own talk and who I admire as a woman. Leanne is one of those women!

Check it out. I know you'll love it.