If you are ever anxious, worried or overthinking things... this is for you!

One of the reasons I got certified in health coaching that focuses on women's hormonal health is because about 70-80% of my life coaching clients were dealing with anxiety. 

Wait what? You got certified in health coaching for people dealing with anxiety? 

Yup! That's right.

If you've ever dealt with anxiety, overwhelm, or lots of worrying, you know how crippling it can be, so let me explain:

When I worked with women who felt stuck because of their own anxiety, overwhelm and self-doubt, we focused on managing their symptoms of anxiety through rewiring their brain to have a more positive internal dialogue, strengthen their confidence and belief that great things can and will happen to them, and taking action outside of their comfort zone despite being scared.


Many of the women I worked with over the years experienced tremendously positive results from our work and truly transformed their lives. 

However, for some women, their anxiety kept sticking around.


Their overwhelm and fear that their life would not bear positive fruits, that they would be single for the rest of their life, that they would forever live in a body they hated, that they would never make enough money, have enough friends, go on enough adventures... kept sticking. 

So I started looking closer and tried to find patterns in these "difficult cases" of anxiety.

What I found was quite amazing:

I discovered that the women who couldn't escape the anxiety trap were also the ones who were constantly "should-ing" themselves into all sorts of diets, who didn't eat regular or balanced meals, who were experiencing binge-eating fits followed by guilt and restriction, and who were, in essence, riding a blood-sugar rollercoaster all day long. 


That's when it clicked for me: Nothing would help these women with their "mental" anxiety if their bodies weren't balanced, nourished, and grounded by the right kind of energy aka. food and nourishing patterns. 


When my lovely, so well-intentioned, passionate clients and I were talking about how to manage their anxiety:


--> we would talk about having daily routines that would keep them calm and grounded, but we weren't talking about how the way they were eating kept them on a blood-sugar rush and crash (and repeat) pattern. 


--> we would talk about having positive thoughts and affirmations throughout the day to shift the nature of your internal dialogue, but we weren't talking about the inflammation and digestive problems that are caused by the overconsumption of caffeine and sugar as well as the lack of chewing your food properly.


--> we would talk about eliminating toxic relationships with people who brought them down and didn't celebrate them, but we weren't talking about how food can be toxic and mess with your gut, your sleep cycles, and your hormones; all of which are huge factors of anxiety. 


--> we would talk about discovering their desires and creating a vision for the life they want to live, but we weren't talking about their physical constipation and period problems that were keeping them stuck and prevented true balance and well-being.


For all of these reasons, I decided to get certified as a women's health coach focusing on hormonal health because our hormones are truly the ones that determine so much of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


You cannot create a vibrant, creative, rich, fun life if your body and/or mind are working against you.


One of the ways in which I now help women jumpstart a healthier, happier existence physically and emotionally without paying for private coaching is through my detoxification programs. 


My 7-day, food-based fall cleanse will be available to you for the month of October (for whichever 7-day window best works for you!) BUT you MUST sign up by Saturday, OCTOBER 1st to join. The reason this is the last date is because I want to hold you accountable for actually doing the cleanse in October. 


I would LOVE it if you joined us. 

The goal of this cleanse is not only to help you undo some of the damage from the summer and jumpstart a healthier, toxic-free way of being, but it is truly about teaching you how to live a healthier life physically and emotionally. 


It's NOT about deprivation, discipline, or reminding you that being hungry sucks ;) 


It IS about resetting your hormones, helping you feel calm and balanced, eliminating toxins, shedding extra pounds, clearing up your skin, preparing you for pregnancy (if that is what you want), and showing you a new way of eating that is delicious and oh-so good for you. 

Join us here.

This is a personal invitation to you, love. 



Questions? Email us at caroline@carolinezwickson.com and we'll get back to you asap.