[Fertile Life Interview] Walking into motherhood with confidence

Confidence. Do we ever need more confidence than at the very moment we become moms?

There is no job in the world that requires more decision making (& many of the decisions you make will have a serious impact for the rest of your baby's life), more patience, more team-playing spirit, more communication, more resilience, more intuition and, of course, more love than parenting!

All of these qualities are deeply rooted in confidence.

That's why I am interviewing my dear friend and colleague, Anna Goldstein, a NYU Certified Coach and the creator of the Profit with Purpose Podcast on "Walking into motherhood with confidence." You can access the interview here. 

Here is what we are going to chat about:

1. What is confidence? 

2. How do you cultivate confidence? (hint: Anna has an amazing 3-step process that will make a tremendous difference in how you have been thinking about confidence)

3. In the transition to motherhood, how can women stay mindful and present instead of frazzled and overwhelmed?

Check out our interview here and/or share it with your pregnant or new mom friends. They will love you for it ;)