As promised, some vacation pictures from our Europe trip (summer 2016)

This post is a bit unique because it's not about delivering you coaching value but it's simply about sharing some of our highlights from our Europe trip this summer after many of you have asked (in case you are not following me on instagram). I hope you enjoy them :)

A huge part of living a fertile life is having quality time with people who energize you and in environments that fuel you.

When we first talked about leaving for 2 months, I felt a bit anxious... can we really do that? What about all of our things? What about work? What about Felix's routine?  etc etc etc.

BUT, here is the truth: there was nothing really standing in our way. My husband has been freelancing, I can talk to my clients from wherever, our things will be fine, and Felix will adjust to his jetlag especially if we just take it relaxed and embark on this adventure with an easy-going mindset. So, we decided to pick up our things and get some quality time in with our families in Sweden, Switzerland and Germany (plus, escape the TX heat... because, it's real, people!). 

It was so wonderful because Felix really got to spend down time with his great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts/ uncles, and cousins. Plus, my husband and I got a little break here and there to go on walks just the two of us... what a novelty these days! It was sooooo nice (as, I am sure, any mom will tell you;)) to just be focused on each other and be really present with my man!

Enjoy the pics below and, if you feel like it, leave a comment below!