[Fertile Life Interview] Tune into your body wisdom & create trust in yourself

In today's episode of The Fertile Life Interview Series, I am chatting with the lovely  Luise Jørgensen, a student expert of qi-gong, meditation, DANCEmandala, mindfulness, and Buddhist psychology on "Tune into your body wisdom & create trust in yourself."

Besides pregnancy (& life!) being a marvelous journey, it is also an emotional and physically demanding experience.

One of the most important things for women to become pregnant successfully and have a beautiful experience being pregnant (not to mention a calm mindset once they become moms!) is that the body is in physical, hormonal as well as emotional balance. 

However, taking a step back, it's pretty clear that this is a skill is important to foster not just for a fertile body, but in order to create a happy, resilient and vibrant life in which you are living in close connection to yourself. That is what this episode is all about. 

Plus, Luise is going to guide us through a beautiful journey for how we can access our body wisdom, so that you, love, can experience this yourself :)


Here is what Luise and I are talking about: 

1. What is body wisdom?

2. How can we use it to foster deep & lasting self-trust?

3. Why is this important for physical + emotional balance, reduced stress & optimal fertility?

4. A guided journey that will help you to access your own body wisdom
-> don't miss it ;)

Hop on over and listen to this interview now.