Sometimes things happen in life that we cannot explain to ourselves

Sometimes things happen in life that we cannot explain to ourselves, perhaps these things even make us angry, frustrate us, make us deeply sad. 

Or, we're standing in front of a challenge, a question, a hurdle that we don't quite know how to take. 

These times can take a lot of energy, a lot of heart, a lot of strength, a LOT of patience. 

In these situations, when the yearning for a resolution or an answer is so strong, we put on the pressure, we want the path to be clear, we want what we want and we want it NOW. 

This is a dicey situation because kindness towards ourselves quickly becomes a memory of the past, we stop feeling into what's best, we react instead of respond, we stop looking for what is best in favor of immediate satisfaction so that we can feel better in the moment. 

We want the bandaid and forget about the true healing, the true resolution, the true desire.

This is where resilience comes in: being able to trust that good things will happen despite uncertainty, feeling into your own body and staying a close witness to your own experience, liking who you are and thinking clearly are qualities we must foster, repeatedly. 

There is no shortcut. 

For me, spending time in nature, breathing in the salty ocean breeze, hearing waves and birds and trees in the wind, watching the clouds become the sun's canvas never fails to give me calmness, which allows me to actually create the space to fuel resilience.

This is a grounding that reminds me that whatever I'm faced with, is only a small part of the greater circle of life.